Mama June Looks Great Now And Inspires Us All With Her Weight Loss Story

She looks incredible.
Cole Damon October 9th 2017 Inspiration
In perhaps the most inspiring story of success ever, reality TV star Mama June from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo has shaved off 300 lbs of weight from her body. You haven't seen a transformation until you've glimpsed at Mama June. The 37 year old starred in TLC's most popular show ever, until a terrible scandal resulted in the show getting cancelled. Her complete transformation has resulted in new found success and all time high ratings for her new TV show.
Why the show got cancelled
Hollywood is rife with scandals, some range from simple 'husband caught cheating on wife' to the horrendous 'husband convicted of child molestation'. The former will net you some time in the spotlight while the latter will result in your show getting cancelled.
Mama June got separated - and then got a new man
A few weeks after Mama June and her husband Mike "Sugar Bean" Thompson announced their separation to the paparazzi, Honey Boo Boo Star took little time to move on and found a new man to call her hubby.
The man was a child molester
The internet can forgive just about anything - even murder. But child molestation they will not, and for good reasons. But the case with child abuse is so sensitive that even relatives of those convicted of the heinous crime end up facing the internet's wrath.
Honey Boo Boo got cancelled because TLC performed damage control
Most people already had objections about the show, complaining that it was borderline exploitative even during less controversial times. But when this case came to the limelight, it didn't do the show any favors and promptly got the show cancelled.
TLC did not want any bad rep
That's what mega corporations are known to do. If there's even a whiff of controversy in the air, they pull out and disappear into thin air. That's what they did to Honey Boo Boo the very next day after Mark McDaniel, the child molester was taken to prison.
Her daughter Anna Cardwell reveals the truth
Anna Cardwell, Mama June's daughter, was one of the victims of child abuse and had an emotional breakdown on the internet after the show got cancelled. Blaming it all on her mother. She cut if off with her mother after learning she rekindled the relationship with her molester.
After the cancellation of the show
Life went on. Obviously, the world wouldn't stop moving if one of the cogs in the wheel stops functioning. The old high gets quickly replaced with a new high, a new show and a new family. Meanwhile, some fascination with Mama June and her family lingered on until it slowly faded away with time.
In the interim some interesting developments took place
For instance, Mama June's second eldest daughter, Jessica Shannon actually became the first person in the family to graduate from high school. A commendable achievement given how broken the family is. Everyone, including estranged Anna and her daughter attended the graduation ceremony.
Mama June still had her eyes on the TV show
Unabashed and undeterred, Mama June dove right down Hollywood's rabbit hole to rekindle her TV show, this time on a new network, called We TV. It was at this time when the 400+ pounder decided to slim down for the viewers - and to smite her ex.
Mama June: From Not to Hot
Mama June's bravery finally resulted in some pay off when her TV show got resurfaced, this time with a new name, "Mama June: From Not to Hot". The premier documented her fight with chronic obesity, surgeries, dieting, the whole nine yards.
It took only two months
In under two months, Mama June managed to squeeze into a size four dress, her entire journey was documented from start to finish, in the spin off Mama June: From Not to Hot. It took an entire team of doctors, personal trainers, chefs and motivators to get her off those cheeseburgers.
Mama June managed to maintain her slim figure
While most celebrities find it difficult to maintain their dramatic transformations and quickly relapse into their original potato shaped body, Mama June has maintained a slim figure, even showing it all off in a tight black dress.
Mama June inspired her 11 year old daughter to do the same
The amazing body transformation actually provided the much needed inspiration to Mama June's 11 year old daughter to follow in her footsteps and shave off a few pounds of her own. Although she's quick to warn, "I'm not jumping on any bandwagon, unless it has cheeseburgers and stuff."
The motivation behind Mama June's body transformation
One of the prime motivators for Mama June was to get back at her ex, Sugar Bear for dumping her. She calls her transformation the 'revenge body'. We believe this should be enough to get the ex reeling in pain from all the regret.
Were TLC in the right to cancel the show? A moral dilemma.
While we believe that Mama June has shown exceptional bravery by bouncing back into the limelight and shedding off a couple of hundred pounds, it is unfair to subject her to punishment for a crime which she didn't commit. The perpetrator's family members should not be witch hunted by the internet simply because they are related. This is truly an inspiring journey taken by the controversial, but loved family.


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