15 Signs He's Fed Up With Your Relationship

Ladies, if he is tired of you, its time to let him go.
Cole Damon February 1st 2018 Lifestyle
Some relationships do unfortunately run their course and both partners eventually end up becoming profoundly bored of each other. Sometimes it is the guy who decides it's over, at others, it is the girl who decides it's time to move on. Here are 15 telltale signs that he has had his fill of you and probably wants to call it quit.
He no longer pays you attention
He no longer feels motivated enough to expend the time and energy to pay you any attention. It is not worth his while and he comes up with ridiculous excuses to be anywhere else other than around you.
Comes up with too many excuses
While it is perfectly understandable for him to avoid making contact with you every once in a while, there is no reasonable explanation if he keeps this up every time you try to hook up with him.
He has become paranoid
The guy has become paranoid that perhaps you've also had your fill of him. This makes him question and interrogate you into revealing what you did earlier to find out if you were cheating on him or not.
You are constantly arguing
It is perfectly normal and understandable for the two of you to have mutual disagreements, what is not natural however is when the two of you engage in heated exchanges which last forever and take place on a regular basis.
You don't forgive and forget
The most important thing you should do is for your wounds to heal. If you don't allow the wounds to heal, you will lose out on all the important progress and this can easily end the relationship earlier.
You notice he's changing
You notice that he has began to change his demeanor and when you try to comfort him about it, his only response is to shrug it aside and become defensive about his behavior. This means the guy is always on edge around you.
He gets annoyed at you
What won over his heart before has now become the very source of annoyance. Just about everything you do from the way you eat food to the way you walk makes him feel angry at your presence.
He is unapologetic
If he was interested in mending the relationship and recover from heated exchanges, he would try to apologize (whether you accept or not is an entirely different matter). But this guy has no regrets whatsoever about earlier.
His friend circle has become hostile
His friend circle used to overlap with yours. His buddies were essentially your buddies as well, but all of a sudden their behavior has become very cold and distant - much like his. It seems his behavior is rubbing off on them.
He no longer includes you in plans
Previously you used to be a part of his grand plan but now that the relationship has reached a certain stage, the guy can't wait to get you out of his radar entirely. He makes frequent trips away from you without even informing you.
He no longer greets you on special days
During special occasions he does not go the extra mile to protect you because he doesn't care enough to spend the time and energy. The man simply can't be bothered with you at all and is probably about to dump you.
He doesn't get defensive about you
Whenever a man's girlfriend gets threatened by someone, he immediately jumps into action and begins to defend her with everything he's got. But in your case, it doesn't concern him that something's bothering you. He couldn't care less.
He blames you for life's problems
Whether he has a problem with life or with the relationship in general, he always tries to pin it all on you. You are no longer his love interest but have become the most convenient scapegoat for him.
He no longer hints at the future
If he wanted to spend time with you in the future, he would talk about it. He would mention it. He would hint at it. But because he doesn't care enough, the man doesn't talk about it.
He stops caring
There comes a point in time when he just stops caring. It doesn't matter if you put up a fight or try repairing the relationship by changing your demeanor with him. At this point the relationship truly has ran its course.


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