Hidden Camera Captures Garbage Man's True Motives With Neighborhood Dog

It is when we think no one's watching that our true colors come out.
Ian Anglin October 9th 2017 Inspiration
This is a pretty cool story that is making the rounds around the internet. It is about a garbage man that was just doing his job, completely unaware of the fact that he was being secretly recorded by a hidden camera. So, watching the video and seeing the pictures of what he did, does a lot to reveal his true motives. I'm pretty sure you'll be shocked just as much as I was when I originally watched the video, and I do wonder if there are other garbage men that are doing similar things?
Shelby Greets the Garbage Man
This happens twice a week - every week. That's how garbage collection works, it has a set schedule, and everything must be done at the exact same time. Suffice to say that this dude and the dog, made quite a rapport over the years.
Meet Shelby
Shelby is the name of the dog you are seeing on the photos. Shelby's owner Joshua Byrne decided one day to secretly capture a video of just how much his dogs LOVES the garbage man - it is almost as if he is the dog's second owner!
The Respect is Mutual
It's not just the dog that loves the garbage man - he also loves the dog, and they have a lot of hugs twice every week during the time he is collecting the garbage from their street. Can't say I've seen a more heartwarming video in a long time!
The Video Got Over 6 Million Views
It's not just you or me that is feeling warm and fuzzy from these photos - over 6 million people have already watched the viral video, and I'm sure this number will continue to increase as time goes by and the video gets even more shared.
He Finally Notices the Camera
It took them a while of playing together, for the garbage man to see that Joshua is filming them. Of course, since he was very happy with playing with the dog, he was also glad that Josh took the time to record this quick video of them.
He Meets Shelby's Owner
After recording their play though, Joshua comes out of hiding and greets the garbage man, with a sincere handshake - even though they don't know each other, they greet as if they are long-lost friends or brothers. Truly incredible.
About Waste Collection
Garbage collectors are also called as "waste collectors." Their job isn't just to collect waste from various municipalities, but to also sort everything they collect into different categories of items, which are then used for recycling purposes.
It is a Dangerous Job
According to Wikipedia, statistically speaking, waste collection is an extremely dangerous job, and it is ranked as more dangerous than police work, but less than commercial fishing and ranch or farm work. This was an unexpected fact, as I thought waste management was a relatively safe job.
What Are the Dangers Garbage Collectors Face?
There are many types of dangers that people employed in this industry experience. Some of them are broken glass injuries, medical waste contamination, caustic chemicals, falling objects from overloaded containers, diseases that may accompany solid waste, asbestos explosion and other nasty stuff.
Nevada Has the Highest Amount of Waste Per Person
According to the latest statistics, Nevada is the leading US state in the output of waste per inhabitant. Other leading states are Pennsylvania, Colorado, California, Illinois, Indiana and a few others. The title "Cleanest US State" was received by Idaho.
Less than 10% Is Recycled
Other statistics I could find on the subject, report that only 1/10th of the received waste is being recycled. This means that a full 90% of what we throw out of homes NEVER gets recycled. I'm hoping this statistics is going to improve in the future.
It Gets Worse Every Year
Since most of the statistics date back to the 1960's, that's the only comparison I can give you. And what these stats tell us, is that the amount of garbage we create every year has tripled since the 60's. That s a full 300% increase!
Don't Get Me Started on the Plastic Bags
Here's another terrifying statistics - each year, Americans use over 100.2 billion plastic bags. These bags are non-recycle, and mange of them have a half-life of over 5,000 years. That means they could end up being in nature for thousands of years without degrading.
The "Plastic Island"
Here is another fun fact - out in the Pacific Ocean, there is an island made entirely out of rubbish, that is TWICE the size of Texas. Sailors and reporters call the island "Plastic Island" due to the way it looks, and the amount of area it occupies.
Here's Where Your Garbage Ends Up
Just in the US alone, there are over 3,000 landfills - but this is not the complete number. If we could the older style landfills (which are no longer used, but they still exist), that number rises to 13,000 landfills, each of each generates tons of hazardous gas every day.
Here is the Video:


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