How Beyonce's Daughter Won The Internet At The Grammy's

Blue Ivy proves she rules the roost at the Grammy Awards!
Cole Damon January 29th 2018 Entertainment
Beyonce's six year old daughter Blue Ivy was found signalling to her parents to stop clapping so enthusiastically. That moment was captured and uploaded on social media. It went instantly viral because everyone was captivated by the child's ability to signal both her influential mother and Jay Z to follow her whims. Beyonce and her daughter were at the Grammys to support Jay Z.
Jay Z was nominated for eight awards
Jay Z was nominated for eight awards and had both Beyonce and her daughter show up at the event for support. And they were clapping voraciously at the event. Something which Blue Ivy found kind of annoying.
Beyonce's jewellery
Beyonce was wearing some extremely expensive piece of jewellery worth more than $6.8 million from Lorraine Schwartz but skipped showing any presence on the red carpet. That jewellery alone was enough to magnify her presence at the monumental event.
Blue was sandwiched between both parents
Ivy Blue was probably irritated at all the rounds of applause coming her way. She gave both her parents a 'gaze' which prompted them both to stop clapping so energetically. This ability of the little child to stop both juggernauts won the internet.
Jay Z's nomination
Jay Z nominated for eight awards all relating to his critically hit album 4:44. He sat in front row with his partner Beyonce and her daughter. They are fondly known as music's first family. Blue it seems has influence over Jay Z.
Blue's reaction at the event
Attending the Grammys was nothing short of lacklustre for the little girl. She doesn't realize at her tender age what an honour it is to be at the Grammys. But truth be told, she doesn't need to value the Grammys at all.
The Grammys should value her
Hosting such prolific guests such as Beyonce and Jay Z should be considered a massive honour to the Grammys. Add to that some an energetic, confident child who's erupting with power should be considered as honour enough for the Grammys.
The gaze of death
Call it the gaze of death if you will, but Blue commands the respect of both her parents, enough to silence them. It probably seems reasonable to assume she's the one who actually calls the shot and is free to do as she pleases.
Blue Ivy may pursue the same path
Perhaps Blue Ivy will follow the same footsteps as her mother, Beyonce and pursue the pursue the path of stardom. She already has everything set up in place and needs just a tiny bit of nudge which her mother can easily give.
Past her bed time
Did you know that Blue Ivy was way past her bed time to be attending the Grammy events? But she has so much command over her parents that she convinced them to attend the Grammys. What's strange is that she attended school afterwards.
Beyonce looked so cool
While Beyonce respected her daughter's wishes to remain calm at the event, she sat at the event brimming full of confidence. She was sitting cross legged, wearing her custom Nicolas Jebra gown and those impressive Alain Mikli sunglasses.
That necklace though
That is one extremely expensive necklace sitting at around $6.8 million. Lorraine Schwartz know how to make their jewellery, it is studded with 70 carat diamonds and titanium geometric earrings. The centre stones are valued at more than 35 carat.
What else was Beyonce wearing
She was wearing a slanted black hat, monster heels by Jimmy Choo and a handbag by Judish Leiber. The make up artist revealed she was inspired by the look and feel of the Black Panthers. An organization founded in 1966.
Jay Z's controversial past
Jay Z has admitted to his infidelity problems and issues stemming from his marriage. "You can love someone but if you haven't experienced love, you don't understand it and don't know how to move forward" says Jay Z.
Jay Z's relationship with Beyonce
"We never were a celebrity couple. We were a couple that just happened to be massive celebrities. We are real, genuine people who are madly in love with each other." That's what Jay Z had to say about his love life, Beyonce.
Blue Ivy's future
It seems Blue Ivy already a tremendous amount of fanfare surrounding her. At the tender age of 6 she probably will have millions of Instagram followers and a massive presence on social media in general. This means she might just end up as a star like her mother.


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