Guys: If You Aren't Happy With Your Woman, Perhaps You Should Read This

Ian Anglin October 8th 2017 Lifestyle
This is not a cliché answer - I'm not talking about the merits or value of marriage, nor what is the ideal age for guys to think about marrying. What I'm talking about is a complete blanket list of 15 types of girls that a guy should NEVER under any circumstance marry. You will only see pain and misery if you don't heed my advice. Do I talk from experience? Only partially, since I'm no pickup guru - but the evidence is everywhere.
Girls Want Attention, Women Want Respect.
Most girls want to get attention from guys, using their body and miniskirts to attract them or trying to act like they are the center of attention. Real women know what makes them attractive and the first thing they want from men is respect.
Girls Are Dependent, Women Are Not.
Girls always need help for everything, even for small stuff such as getting rid of a spider or little mouse. Mature women are the exact opposite. They know what they want and they know how to get it - without needing any help.
Girls Think That They Know it All, Women Want to Learn
Girls love to tell people that they are always right and that they know everything. On the flipside, women want to learn new stuff. They also freely admit when they aren't sure about something or don't know how to do something properly.
Girls Want to Party, Women Know When to Say Stop
Girls love to go to parties and drink too much alcohol - mature women know their limits, and they try to prevent a hangover (at least sometimes!). They know what types of alcohol are suitable for the occasion, which is not the case with the younger girls. You have to agree this one!
Emotional Maturity
Girls have a problem with controlling their emotions. They let them free no matter what (or when). Women, however, know how to process their emotions. They think with a cold head and can have an argument without making a scene.
Meeting Your Family and Friends
Girls are not open to meeting your family and friends. They see it as too conservative. Women know how much meeting your family means and they will do everything to make your family and friends feel comfortable - at least during their first few times together!
The Social Media Question
Girls are obsessed with social media and they want to put everything live on Facebook, Twitter and of course, Instagram. Women are a little more conservative with how much of their lives they publish online, which can be viewed as both a positive and negative thing.
Time Wasting
Girls waste a larger portion of their time on games, coffee, and shopping. Women know how important time is, so they want to spend it more productively. They enjoy being with their partner in their spare time - for example, watching a good movie together.
Calories In, Calories Out
Girls are more likely to get preoccupied with their health, and with what food they eat. They are always on and off diets, and always worry if they've made a wrong food choice. Women are not like this - they are confident about their eating choices and know exactly what food is good/bad for them.
Please, Don't Tell Anyone!
Secrets are an important thing, but girls don't believe in this sacred oath. They will tell everything to anyone, without getting that their friend's permission or thinking about other people's feelings. Am I being too mean about girls? Not sure. Anyway, women don't spill out secrets - at least not as often.
Who is More Modest?
Girls want to show-off everything they have, while women know that modesty (for example, in the way they dress) is always a better solution. Women know that modesty will always be trendy and get respect from others - especially at the office, from their boss and co-workers.
Living in a Fantasy World
Many girls have a period in their lives when they consider themselves a princess. Real women don't need to be treated like royalty - they love themselves and who they are - and that is the treatment they want from their men.
Importance of Reading
Girls love to watch movies and TV shows with their friends, while they are eating a slice of pizza or having a bag of popcorn. Women know how to have fun on a more, "visceral" level. They know that entertainment can also be found in books or the theatre.
We can do it
Girls need to rely on someone else to take care of them, but women are strong enough to not have to depend on other people. They know how to do everything on their own without any help. They depend only on themselves.
Playing Games or Not?
Girls love to play games with the dudes and break their hearts, sometimes without any reason whatsoever. Women know what they want and how to get it without playing any type of game. They know how to tell or do something without breaking their partner's heart.


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