What Happened When a Guy Decided to Talk To This Homeless Man

Ian Anglin October 8th 2017 Inspiration
While going through your city, you might have noticed a sudden influx of homeless people. This is not by accident - in 2016 alone, over 83,000 people were considered chronically homeless in the US, although this type of homelessness only accounts for 15% of the total amount of people that have a problem finding and keeping a permanent residence. But that are even worse parts of this statistics - one in four of the homeless is a child. With each new person that becomes homeless, the desperation and tension in the streets increases.
The Problem is Getting Bigger
Every year there are more homeless, and many people are seen begging on street corners of the world's capital cities. Most of us ignore the people who are lying on our streets, but some stop by and try to help out - in any way within their means.
How People Help
Most of the people that try to help the homeless try to have a conversation with them. Others try to donate a part of their income. Some even go to groups that volunteer in homeless shelters, in order to improve the quality of life these people experience.
Meet Johnny Servantez
A lot of people do good deeds - but very few come close to Johnny Servantez. He hopes to teach everyone why every person on the planet deserves to have a home and a warm, safe bed. His story is truly inspiring.
He Used to Look Away From "Disgusting" Homeless People
According to some reports, Johnny used to be the type of guy that looked away from homeless people - ignored them. This changed on the day he met Johnny Rhodes outside a large flea market in Indianapolis, IN. Everything changed that day.
He Posted This on Facebook
The day he changed and started giving money to homeless people, Johnny took to Facebook to make his announcement. This post affected many people, as you'll be able to see in the photo below. It had a dramatic effect on the life of Johnny Rhodes.
Others Wanted to Join
Due to the nature of Servantez's Facebook post, others such as Amy Renae Smith wanted to join and help out the "skin and bones" starved homeless person. I'm sure all of their combined helped saved the poor person's life.
He Looked Worse
According to other reports, Johnny Rhodes looked in much worse shape than the other homeless people in the area. He was probably below 10% body fat at the moment of the photo and could have starved in a matter of days.
He Broke His Rule
One of Johnny's main rules was that he "never gave money to panhandlers." This is understandable, as in some places panhandling is illegal, and according to many, it is not the right way to help the homeless. Donating money to organizations is a far better use of society's money.
Johnny Rhode's Brother Saw the Picture
I know the story is probably giving you warm and fuzzy feelings by now. These feelings don't end now, as there is more good news - since the picture of Johnny Rhodes started getting vital across the internet, it was soon noticed by his BROTHER.
Danny Rhodes Finds His Brother
Danny Rhodes, after finding out about his brothers told reporters from RTV6: "I'm so sick to my stomach right now. I can't function to know someone is living this way and looks this bad." He knew he had to help about finding out what happened to his brother.
They Lost Touch
Danny was not angry at Johnny, and they never argued. They just lost touch seven years ago, since their mother died. This is not how families normally disintegrate, but I guess it happens. I'm glad they're finally going to be able to help each other.
He Couldn't Find His Brother
When Danny went to Johnny usual resting place, he couldn't find him. He did everything to try and locate his lost brother, but he wasn't successful. That's when he turned to Amy Renae, a family friend. She is the one who contacted Servantez, and ultimately reunited the brothers.
He Finally Had Something to Eat
After the brothers were reunited, Amy posted the following to Facebook: He had two meals, a shower, a pair of clean clothes, a room to himself with quiet, a king-sized bed, tv, fridge, a microwave, Pepsi & leftovers."
"He is safe and resting."
She continued her Facebook message, writing that "He is safe and resting." We can only hope that good fortune continues to follow Johnny and that he never loses contact with his brother again - seven years without talking is not a small amount of time.
We Need to Do More
We see homeless around us every day. We drive our cars, and we just move past them. But we need to do more to help these people, to improve their quality of life, and their lifespan. As a society, homelessness is not something that should be allowed or tolerated.
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