Is Bran Actually The 'Big Bad' Of Game Of Thrones?

Kylie Perry August 30th 2017 Entertainment
Game of Thrones fans have been turning over every hint, clue and easter egg across seven seasons and 68 episodes to try to find out how the show is going to end. With just one season left, the watching world is soon going to learn who the rightful heir to the iron throne is -- and there are going to be a lot of twists and turns along the way. By now, you've probably read tons of fan theories about the show, but there is one in particular about Bran that could change everything. Caution: Spoilers ahead.
Could Brandon Stark actually be the Night King?
Crazy. Not possible. Ridiculous. Or is it? There is a fan theory that suggests that Bran Stark and the Night King are one and the same. The evidence started a few seasons back, when Bran began learning about his Greenseer abilities from the Three-Eyed Raven. Greensight allows Bran to see the past, distant present events, and future in dream form. Bran is also a warg, meaning he is able to enter the minds of animals and even other people.
Before he died, the Three-Eyed Raven warned Bran of his special abilities, essentially telling him that history had already been written and that he should be cautious when warging because spending too much time in someone or something else's mind can make it impossible to leave. "It is beautiful beneath the sea; stay too long and you drown," the Three-Eyed Raven said. Even still, these abilities only help prove the theory that Bran is the Night King and there are very specific events that seem to support this theory.
Bran cringed when the Night King was created
Perhaps the most telling scene in the whole "Are Bran Stark and the Night King the same person?" theory is when Bran used his Greensight to go back in time and witness the birth of the Night King. At the time, the Children of the Forest and the First Men were enemies, and the man who became the Night King was one of the First Men. He was captured by the Children of the Forest and tied to a Weirwood tree. A piece of dragon glass was then stabbed into his chest and the very first White Walker was born into the world.
During this vision, Bran is seen inside the cave of the Three-Eyed Raven, wincing as if he is in pain. This connection to the Night King made it abundantly clear that Bran had a deeper relationship with him; so much so that he could actually feel the same pain -- did he warg into this man to try to stop the Children of the Forest?
What if this is all Bran's fault?
The theory further claims that Bran Stark warged into the man who would become the Night King because he wanted to persuade the Children of the Forest not to stab him, effectively preventing all of the pain of the present story. Bran knew the consequences at the time and wanted to prohibit the creation of White Walkers. However, Bran failed at his attempt. After all, he was told that the "ink is dry" meaning that history could not be changed.
The new theory goes that Bran spent too much time inside the mind of the Night King and he ended up getting stuck there. Meanwhile, present-day Bran desperately continues to warn others about the Long Night throughout history. It is also believed that the legendary "Bran the Builder," who was responsible for the construction of the Wall and of Winterfell thousands of years ago, is actually Bran Stark himself. The theory suggests that Bran built these things as a way to protect the realm of men. What do you think? Is there anything to this theory? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to share this article with your fellow Game of Thrones fans!
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