Here's How Much You Have To Earn To Afford Rent In These Popular States

You may have heard that you shouldn't spend more than one-third of your income on rent. Unfortunately, rising rent costs often make that unrealistic.
Gigi Cummings October 8th 2017 Lifestyle
We all want to be able to live in our dream home someday, but just how much financially will it take to get there? Financial experts will tell you that you should pay no more than 1/3 of your income on your rent. The average hourly salary needed by an American in order to afford a modest two bedroom house in this county is $20.30. With the average minimum wage being $7.25 an hour, and the cost of living on the rise nationwide. How are we as a notion supposed to achieve the American dream? Well here is a list of states and how much your hourly wage should be in order to afford a two bedroom home, so you can start planning your future.
Moving to Alabama would be an easy transition if you are looking for affordable housing and an awesome Sunday football crowd. You only need to earn $13.93 per hour to live in the two bedroom house of your dreams in this southern state!
It may be pretty far north, but the scenery is second to none. It your dream has ever been to catch wild salmon while living half the year in complete darkness and the other half in full sunlight, than all you need to make is $23.25 an hour to live this magical wilderness life!
One of the wonders of the world, the grand canyon, exists in the beautiful desert state of Arizona. And for the small cost of living of $17.18 per hour, you can live the desert dream you have always wanted to! Endless grand canyon selfie pics!
Go au natural in lovely Arkansas! Not only does is boast a whole array of beautiful natural wonders, but to live the life of luxury in this state you only need to scope out a job that pays $13.26 an hour. Beautiful and cheap? Now thats what I'm talking about.
It is the state that has sparked the inspiration for a hundred songs and many more movies. It is where dreams come true and where everything "hip" begins. All this awesomeness comes at a price though, you have to make a whopping $28.29 per hour to even get a foot in the door in this place.
Yes, Colorado has legal marijuana, but it also has endless lakes, the beautiful rockies and more craft breweries than grocery stores. it's young, it's fun, it's active and to live here you only have to make $21.12 per hour, so get your hiking shoes ready!
While so many people talk about this state's famous neighbor New York, everyone who lives here loves it so much when given the option they would never move to "the city." So snag a job at $24.72 an hour and head on over to the Connecticut burbs!
Washington D.C.
The tiny and patriotic state of Washington D.C. is a hotbed of politics and movers and shakers. The adorable and historic downtown is hip and upcoming and full of amazing neighborhoods, you have to be earning a pretty penny at $31.21 per hour to be neighbors to Mr. President.
If you are into the East Coast but want to live somewhere with a smaller price tag but all the perks of east coast living, than the first state of the union is right up your alley. At $21.70 an hour you can have the perfect little northern atlantic life!
Is Chicago your dream city to play out all of your dreamy big city fantasies? Well Illinois, home of the windy city, can be your new residence if you can manage to get a job at $19.98 per hour. Just think, all the deep dish pizza you can eat.
It may be where all of your great aunts have gone to retire, but Florida is also full of latin flavor, great food and beautiful beaches. Grab yourself a job at $19.96 per hour and you can be living la vida loca in the sunshine state with your aunt Ethel!
Sweet and Southern, Georgia is a state that many people overlook as just another place in the south. Georgia is full of history and beauty with a cost of living that allows you to enjoy the finer things in life. Live like a southern belle for $16.30 an hour.
Is your dream to live on an island paradise, sipping fruity drinks and dancing the hula in a grass skirt, you better make sure your earn a lot more than coconuts! Live the island lifestyle but make sure you earn a whopping $34.22 per hour!
This state is more than just potatoes. Idaho is home to the most breathtaking scenic views in the country. It's expansive and sprawling landscape will keep your mouth gaping in awe, and if the mountains don't do it, the price will! All yours for $14.22 an hour.
Do you get so incredibly jealous every election when the candidates battle it out in the Iowa caucus to win the hearts of its residents and walk away with their votes? Well for a mere $14.03 per hour you too can be a part of making history!


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