Trump's 22-Year-Old Daughter, Tiffany, is Instagram's New Superstar

Ray Porter October 7th 2017 Entertainment
Donald Trump is very active on social media, although not always in a nice way, he defiantly utilises social media. During his election run, and still after, the media has paid special attention to the president's family. Yet still few know about his gorgeous Daughter Tiffany. She has the same interests as most 22 year old's: travelling, parties, hangouts, and selfies. And she, like her father, is active on social media never forgetting to fill her 80K insta followers on her day to day life.
Set to Overtake Her Father
It looks to be that very soon Tiffany will overtake her presidential father's following. In this picture, Tiffany is posing with her best friend. They are both wearing gorgeous black dresses on a white background. The photo has had a trendy Black and White filter applied to it.
A Big Smile in The Grass
In this photo, Tiffany has a big beautiful smile plastered on her face. The photo takes place in what looks to be someone's very lavish garden. There are large trees, bushes, and an almost perfect lawn framing our smiley Tiffany in a suggestive blue dress.
Sunny Day at the Beach
Now, this shot definitely must have got her followers very excited. Tiffany is enjoying a perfect day at the beach equipped with an iced coffee and strawberry milkshake. The photo is predominantly white making the few other colours jump out at you.
A Proud American
Here Tiffany is showing us some of her American pride. She's pictured poolside at what is very possibly a 4th of July themed party. She's wearing a red, blue and white bikini top and jean shorts with a small American flag in hand ready for her photo.
Enjoying Another Pool
Tiffany seems to very much enjoy the water with another pool picture, this time she's risking getting wet. Well kind of, she's floating on the water on a pink flamingo blow-up donut. Her perfect hair has defiantly not met the pool yet but maybe she's getting the photography out of the way before she has some fun.
Pool Parties are Definitely a Favourite
This looks to be earlier the same day giving the context of a pool party to both pictures. She's in the same blue bikini as the pervious picture but now with the addition of dark blue jean shorts too. In the picture her and a friend are getting their boogie on.
Killer in Pink
Looking to be at another party or club Tiffany is dressed to impress. With help from an Instagram filter, her hot pink dress really takes our attention. Quickly followed by her cheeky and cute pose with a toy pistol, a dress up party maybe?
Back to Our Day at the Beach
It looks like Tiffany's committed photographer may have some acrobatics training as he stands up between two sun beds to get this shot of our gorgeous girl sunbathing. It looks as though she may have overdone her orange legs, or maybe some prior fake tan, or just an unfortunate filter.
That Smile
Tiffany has a very interesting, and alluring, smile. It is what takes the focus in this head shot. It's not the smile of Elle Fanning that is so pure and real but rather it could be described as everything an understatement is.
Queen of the Duck Face
Although Tiffany is smiling in a lot of her photos, don't be fooled she has one very mean pout. Her she seems to be in a princess mood sporting a pink dress and a sparkly tiara in her hair. She is, however more than just a princess of the pout but rather a master.
A feed of Perfection
Tiffany's Instagram is a collection of photos with her looking perfect. Along with her newsworthy family name it is no surprise to see her followers count sky rocket. Here she's pictured in a white dress with the luxurious gold entrance to the family penthouse.
Another Pool Party
Yet again we find ourselves poolside with this beautiful young blonde. She got a headband of flowers the perfectly matches her hand full of pink and white balloons. She's also wearing a stunning white dress with black patterning looking perfect as usual.
Wondering How She Looks at a Wedding?
Well, the easy answer is breathtaking. Here we've got a picture of her all dressed up and on sight for Eric Trump's wedding. She's decided on an extravagant off white full-length dress. Tiffany is looking very calm and relaxed show casing her prowess at social events.
Winter Goddess
Even all covered up Tiffany is crazy attractive. This has the feel of an intimate close-up selfie. Tiffany's eyes are wide open revealing her steely blue eyes catching light beautifully. The dark furry collar on her coat frames her face perfectly.
Some History Too
Tiffany's Instagram isn't just photos of how beautiful she is but there are some interesting throwbacks. This is a throwback to Tiffany's childhood where she was out to dinner with her father Donald, showing a rare fatherly side to president Trump.


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