Take The Test: Are You A Psychopath Or A Peace Loving Person?

Cole Damon January 22nd 2018 Entertainment
Who we really are deep down inside, underneath our wholesome public image is a strongly kept, well guarded secret that no one, which not even our most loved ones should ever become privy to. But is there a way to unlock the secrets to our thought process? Can we devise a test to figure out if we fit the definition of 'normal'? The following 15 tests are designed by experts to distinguish a violent psychopath from a normal peace loving person.
Inkblot test
Experts say that if you are able to see two people shaking hands as a gesture of peace, it means you are a calm, composed person who is able to keep their anger under check in difficult situations.
This illusion contains a duck and a bunny. If you're able to see them both, it means your cognitive skills are off the charts. But if you can only see one, it means you're a reserved person who doesn't think outside the box.
How you clench your fist
A clenched fist can also clue us about a person's psychology. If the thumb is over the fist, it means you're a confident person. If the thumb is inside the fist, it means you socialize a lot and care about your friends.
The perception of colors
If the predominant color you saw was orange, then it means you are a peaceful person and optimistic person but not very social and try to avoid interactions. But if you saw blue instead, it means you're both peaceful and social.
Spot the C
If you can find the hidden letter 'C' in this picture, it means you're an extremely smart intellectual person who can work under pressure. Not finding the letter doesn't mean you're dumb however, so don't fret if you couldn't find it.
Orientation of the brain
Which direction do you think is this girl moving this flame, the way we perceive things tell us a lot about who we are? If you think she's spinning clockwise, it probably means you're left handed. If it's the other way round, it means you're right handed.
The circle's color
Are the circles painted the same color? If you think the answer is yes, then it means you're among 99% of the people who failed to spot the subtle difference. If you spotted the unique difference, good on you for among the 1 percenters!
Dots and the color
Do you think the dots are changing color? If yes, it means you're able to accept the challenges of life head on. If not, it means you are slightly out of focus and out of touch. You need to get your life back in order.
Edges on the Rubik's cube
How many edges do you think this Rubik's cube has? The real answer is there are NO edges. It is a one dimensional picture expertly drawn on a piece of paper. Failure to recognize this does NOT mean you're a psychopath.
Are the rice shapes moving?
If you think the rice shapes are moving, it means you're probably slightly on the angry side of things and are quick to provoke into action. If you feel the shapes are static, you're a clam and composed person.
Squares sizes
Are these squares equal in shape or are they slightly bent out of shape? The answer is they are ALL equal in size. But your brain might perceive them as crooked because you're a paranoid person who doubts other people.
Which line is the longest?
This particular question is based purely on logic and determines if you can get out of tight spots. Are the arrows on the lines of the same length? Don't use a ruler. Use your common sense to arrive at the answer.
Size of the orange
Which orange circle is bigger? At first glance you would be forgiven to think that the circle on the left is smaller than the one on the right. This is because the circle on the left is surrounded by larger circles, making it feel 'dwarfed' in comparison.
Which table is the larger one of the two? They're both the same but because the on the left is seen from a different orientation, it feels that it is larger. You can rotate the image and superimpose it to arrive at the same conclusion.
Which family is normal?
If your answer is 1, you're the friendliest father on the planet. If you chose 2, you see things from a pragmatic point of view and disregard emotions, but you're all right. Picture 3 represents a happy family. If you chose 3 it means you're slightly disturbed because you had a traumatic childhood.


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