15 Signs A Woman Wants To Sleep With You According To Men

Pretty IMPORTANT to know this for a good relationship
Gigi Cummings October 7th 2017 Lifestyle
As women, we know when we turn it on in order to catch a guys eye and let him know that we are wanted to get.it.on. But as women, do we know exactly what we are doing? Sometimes we are too subtle, and sometimes we are too forward, and most of the time we are doing things to turn a guy on and give him signal that we are hot and ready to jump into the sack with him. If you are wondering what are the signals that guys receive as green lights to chase a girl into bed, here are some of the top things that women do, according to men, to seduce them. Apparently.
If She Likes Food
If a woman appreciates and has an affinity for flavorful food, it means she is ready to embrace her carnal desires to drag you into her love den and have her way with you. If food equals pleasure, and she loves to eat, then she can't but to devour you with every last bite.
If She Is Standing By The Bathroom When You Walk By
It's often referred to in the world of the preying men as "lost puppy syndrome," meaning if you are still standing in the exact same place you were when he walks by again, it shows him that you are down to get down, even if the girls bathroom line is a mile long.
That Is VERY Interesting
If a woman in feigning interest in your and happens to use the phrase, "That is VERY interesting" in conversation more than once, that is your cue that she no longer cares about what you are talking about because the only things she finds very interesting is what is in your pants.
Is She Thinks...
In some circles of men debating women, it has been concluded that the depth of a conversation is directly proportional to how "into you" a girl is, so if you ask her, "where in the world would you go on a once in a lifetime trip" and she answers thoughtfully and with a bit of interest, its her actually saying, "take me, I'm yours"
If She Isn't On Her Phone
According to some male dating advice, if a girl you are talking to is NOT looking at her phone and actually engaging like a normal human being it is because she can't get her mind on anything else except what you look like when you are naked.
If She Wears Sexy Clothing
Because the ONLY reason a woman wears anything besides giant sweat pants and an over sized old t-shirt is because she is trying to get you to invite her over to your place for a little sexy time. Women don't want to look and feel sexy and empowered for themselves... no, that would mean the world doesn't revolve around men.
If She Offers You Gum
You order the garlic alfredo pasta with garlic bread, and after dessert, your date offers your some gum while you both are chatting at the bar. It's definitely because she is gearing up to get into your pants, and not because she is politely telling you, you stink.
She's Showing Off Her Wrists
Everyone knows that the sexiest part of any woman is her wrists. Most women aren't daring enough to show off that super sensual part of her body, so if she happens to be wearing anything but a long sleeve sweater, she is hinting that maybe you will get to see her elbows later too.
When She Laughs, She Shows Her Teeth
Everyone knows the quickest way to a mans heart if through laughing at his humor, no matter how dull it is. So if she is laughing and having a grand old time, she is for sure into you. If she shows her teeth while she is laughing, its a first class ticket to bang town.
If She's Been Drinking
Alcohol loosens our inhibitions, and all women have a sexy tigress living inside of them who want to be unleashed to ravage the right guy who crosses their path. Well then, if a girl is drinking, all you have to do is be the right guy to go up to her and you have a hot date for the night.
If She Had A Nice Time With You
Dates are scary, and it can be kind of unsure how the night went unless you look at the telltale signs. If a woman says, "I had a great night, thanks" it means you are the victor and you did everything right and its time to claim your prize by sticking your tongue down her throat.
The DTF Checklist
How can you know for sure if a girl is ready to get down and dirty with you? Well most men can't really be sure unless a girl tells them. But this guy, this magical genius of a ladies man, seems to have all the answers right here, in one short list.
If She's Standing At The Correct Angle
There are very simple ways for any man to tell if a woman is wanting to get it on within a ten mile radius. Supposedly, if she "puts herself in the right position to get it" she is yours for the taking! Just check out her stance and lunge forth at it.
If She Smells Normal
A woman's desire and urge to please men is so strong, she can't even control it. When a women is feeling extra lustful for the guy that she is with she will give off pheromones that men can "smell" that indicate she is ripe and ready for action.
If You Make Her Nervous, But Not In A Threatening Way
There is a fine line between scary and sexy and you, as a man, have to straddle it ever so delicately if you want to make the girl your with just uncomfortable enough she doesn't want to run away from you, but instead run into your arms and into your bed.


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