Woman Hides Under Bed After She Suspects Husband Is Cheating On Her

This girlfriend hid under the bed to spy on her man... But she was shocked to discover the truth.
Cole Damon October 6th 2017 Weird
A woman suspected her boyfriend of infidelity and decided she would investigate the matter further. Although she didn't have any concrete proof of his two-timing affairs with other women, there were tell tale signs appearing in their relationship. Her boyfriend, who was always showed an increased amount of love and affection towards his girlfriend was now becoming distant. The fact that he was busy with the phone gave it all away - he MUST be seeing someone else!
Their love was like a typical Hollywood romance flick
If you were to hear the details about how they met, how they hit it off and the struggles they went through to get together, you would allude it to a typical Hollywood romance flick. Nothing could ever go wrong with this couple.
Her boyfriend was head over heels for her
While the saying, head over heels is usually applied to females, in the case of this couple, it was the male who was head over heels for his girlfriend. Whenever the couple would meet, his heart would start jumping in loops.
He would perspire in her presence
He was so madly in love with her, that the mere sight of her would make him perspire. And the scent of her cologne would make his heart race like crazy. Only way to describe its beating would be to compare it to a sparrow's heartbeat.
Only thing left is to get married
The only thing left to do is getting married. The best way to seal the deal is to get hitched in a grand wedding ceremony. Inviting as many friends and family members as possible, making it a memorable occasion.
But the days of excitement dwindled down
The boyfriend, who was once the happiest man on earth just to see his better half showed signs of withdrawal. There was a time when his heart would overflow with her love, but now it seemed the love was being replaced with apathy.
Where did all that love go?
In order for his love to disappear into thin air, it must first be replaced by someone else's love. The girlfriend put two to two together and concluded that her partner MUST be cheating on her - but did she have proof?
He became increasingly occupied with something
Something was taking up all that time he would devote to his girlfriend. Or was it someone? The man would stare at his phone all day long. When she asked him if something was the matter, he would always reply in the negative.
She got hold of his phone
One day she found his phone lying unattended. Her jealousy and curiosity drove her to browse through his phone's history. Much to her chagrin, she found absolutely nothing in it. The history was wiped clean - as if he purposely chose to hide something from her.
So she set out to find some proof
The suspicion drove her to pry deeper into his life. She decided to hide under his bed. Something which is clearly a breach of his privacy but hey, she's his girlfriend - but was she entitled to sneak up inside his room like that?
Frustrated - she came up with a plan
She just couldn't pin it down. His behavior was strange and withdrawn, but she couldn't explain it. So she came up with a plan. She decided to write a break up letter. So she grabbed a pen and paper and 'ended' their relationship.
She hid the letter in his room
The girlfriend knew her partner was coming back from work and quickly hid under the bed, leaving the letter at a place she knew he would find. Her purpose was to gauge his reaction. Will the man break down? Or will he breathe a sigh of relief?
He found the letter and started reading it
The girl had no idea how her better half would react. Each moment he spent reading the letter felt like a millennia to her. Then the worst thing happened. He pulled out his phone and called someone. What he said to the person in the phone hit her like a ton of bricks.
Here's what he said on the phone
"Babe, it's done. She left me. I'm coming over to celebrate. I love you too." He grabbed the keys to leave, but began to scribble something down on a piece of paper before he left. This isn't the reaction she was hoping from him.
She was devastated and broken
As she slowly began to creep out from under the bed, she noticed there was a new letter on the desk which was written for her. Broken and defeated, she began reading it, "Really? Hiding under my bed is childish. This is not what I expected from you."
The letter explained everything
He went on to explain that he was working late to please his boss more and gain promotions. He was constantly on the phone "planning for their vacation." But the ending of the letter is what explained it all. He suggested that the next time she decided to hide under his bed, "make sure your whole body is hidden, including your feet. I love you."


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