Watch This Heartwarming Moment When a Tiger Notices a Pregnant Woman's Belly

Jay Dawson July 26th 2017 Inspiration
Not so long ago, us humans weren't too far removed from the apes. Roaming the jungle, we lived in harmony with other wild creatures and shared a habitat peacefully. Well, for the most part. Nowadays there's a huge gap between our civilized world and the animal kingdom, so much so that few people even get a chance in their lifetime to see these creatures in the wild. But sometimes these animals remind us that the connection is still there. Like when this pregnant mom showed her baby bump to a tiger...
Just A Regular Visit To The Zoo...
Natasha Handshoe was 7 months pregnant when she decided to take a trip to Indiana's Potawatomi Zoo with her friends. They roamed the park, checking out all the animals, before stopping at one of the zoo's centrepiece enclosures, a group of Sumatran tigers. Separated from the public by a high glass fence, the curious (and probably bored) tigers came over to have a look at Natasha and her friends.
Natasha was thrilled by the attention and managed to snap a selfie of her sitting in front of one of the female tigers. It was then that the tiger began to act strangely, pawing at the glass between her and Natasha. Natasha didn't know what was going on, but one of her friends had a clue. She suggested that the tiger knew that Natasha was pregnant, so Natasha stepped up to the glass and pressed her baby bump against. What happened next will blow your mind and melt your hearts...
The Animals Of Indiana
Founded in 1902 as little more than a duck pond, Potawatomi Zoo is now the oldest and most prestigious zoo in Indiana. With spectacular exhibits including North American river otters, Amur leopards, and two rare okapis (relatives of the giraffe), the zoo receives over 200,000 visitors each year. Including a petting zoo for children to get in touch with domesticated animals, the diverse range of creatures on show is truly incredible.
Whether you love them or think that they're cruel, Zoos do have an important role to play in the relations between humans and animals. Enclosure conditions and the welfare of the animals have come a long way since the early days, and watching these animals live in a space which is often quite close to their natural environment provides a good education to children. Not only that, zoos provide a vital sanctuary for damaged and recovering animals, as well as a place where urbanites like most of us can see creatures that we would normally never see in our lifetimes.
What Happened Next
And this magical, wordless connection between human and animal is exactly what happened on that fateful day that Natasha stepped up to the enclosure and pressed her pregnant belly against the glass. Unlike humans, animals are not cruel, irrational, or vindictive beings. We destroy their environments and hunt them for trophies, yet they are still as pure and innocent as ever, just doing what they need to survive.
Which is why something incredible formed between Natasha and the tigress. When she pushed her baby bump up to the glass, the tiger responded in the only way she knew how: by nuzzling her head against the glass, trying to provide warmth and care to Natasha's unborn baby. At first Natasha was a little bit apprehensive over what would happen, but the tiger quickly took away all her worries. In one unbelievable instant - which you can see in this video - she proved that motherly love is universal.
Here is the Video:


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