This is The Real Reason Why Public Toilets Are U-Shaped

Know why you sit on a U!
Ian Anglin October 6th 2017 Science
We use toilets every day, but we rarely question the design behind them. We take lots of things for granted these days - for example, why are all modern cars basically looking the same? I hate that there is no differentiation between vehicles. Anyway, I have a bonus in store - since I anticipated your questioning of why certain things were created the way they are (APART from public toilets), I included several additional weirdly-shaped objections below.
The Dreaded U-Shape
Few people know that there is even a dedicated Reddit thread about this very topic. Think about it - there are whole topics where experts from various fields come and discuss the design of toilet seats. We can thank the Internet for, um, such a great opportunity!
Is it Because of Cheaper Materials?
There are some rumors that say that toilets are designed this way in order to save money. Why? Because a U-shaped toilet is always going to use less plastic or ceramic than an O-shaped toiler. I'm not buying this one.
The Primary Reason
I lied before. When I started writing this article. There are in fact multiple reasons why modern, public toilet seats are shaped the way they are. The first of which is the official plumbing code from the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials. That was sure a mouthful!
What the Code States
The code is very clear about this regulation - it states, "Seats, for public use, shall be of the elongated type and either of the open front type or have an automatic seat cover dispenser." So, it's either a U-Shape or an automatic seat cover dispenser.
It Is Cleaner This Way
The primary thinking was guided by the way women use toilets - they have to wipe after going to a number one, and any kind of design that minimizes the chances of the toilet paper touching the seat is a plus.
The Design is Also Good for Men
According to Lynne Simnick, this design is not only good for women, but it is also useful for us men. The U seat reduces the chances that the area will be splashed with urine and it also prevents a man's genitals from touching the seat.
They Are Less Tempting to Toilet Thieves
This is the first time I'm hearing about this - there are thieves that specialize in toiler seat crime, and it appears that O-seats are fetching a higher price on the market, and are thus more often stolen. Just imagine - somewhere, there Is a used, stolen, toilet seat black market.
They Are More Ergonomic
There is another running theory among toiler seat enthusiasts that U-shaped toilets are simply more comfortable. I find this study to be unscientific since there is no way to measure comfortability - that is a very subjective question.
The Future of Toilet Seat Design
These toilets seats were part of some modern art exhibition. They kind of look like those egg-like creatures in the Alien movies. I mean they were not creatures; they were the eggs from where the aliens were spawned.
You Can See Out But They Can't See In
Would you have the courage to go in this one? They say that in this toilet, you can watch everyone in the face, but they cannot see you. This only works in the daytime mind you, so watch at what time you go in!
Tacky Toiler Winner
This toilet - this very same toiler won the Tackiest Toiler Award back in 1997! I'm just kidding - it didn't win anything - ever, but that doesn't make it any less horrible. Who could have made such a horrible toilet? It even has Sponge Bob in it!
The Purpose Behind the Design of Other Products
We all love Converse All Star shoes, but what is the true purpose of those little holes? Some people think that they are just for decoration; others think that is what makes them different. The main reason is actually ventilation!
A Little bit of Italian
Have you ever used a spoon with a hole in the middle? For eating pasta? Perhaps, at least once, you thought about its primary purpose. Well, if you are a single or you are living alone, this spoon is perfect for a size of one person's portion of spaghetti.
The Position of the Gas Gauge
Most men already know the main purpose of the arrow next to the gas gauge. You don't want it to hit empty! However, it also shows from which side of the car the gas cap is on. Next time, show this to your wife. She would find it handy, trust me.
Take Your Coffee, please!
You must have seen the bumps on the cup covers - at least once in your life. The reality is that the employees look at these bumps with the name of the drink written on them, so they know what is inside without opening the cups.


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