Women Confess The Little Things That Make Men More Attractive

Take note, fellas
Charlie Blacks II October 6th 2017 Lifestyle
As men, there's no better feeling in the world than satisfying the woman that you love in any and every way. We should all learn how to become great providers, lovers, and protectors of our significant other by any means necessary. At times, there's a disconnect between men and women that could possibly result in frustration and lead to negativity between the two but, we're here to provide a little clarity in the little things women find attractive in their mates without them noticing. With no further ado, check them out for yourselves.
Share It All
Sometimes, men have a hard time being transparent and sharing the things that bother them out of fear that we'd be considered weak. Honestly, this isn't the case fellas. Sharing how you feel and what you're going through allows your woman to cater to you more.
Drop A Tear
We know, a lot of you guys might find this cringe-worthy but, admitting that you cry or crying in front of your significant other doesn't make you less manly or make you unattractive. Matter of fact, these types of energy releases are necessary and perfectly normal. It's actually stranger and kinda creepy to never cry.
The Ultimate Salt Bae
Fellas, we tend to take for granted a woman's ability to throw it down in the kitchen which is why you should at least have a single dish you can prepare to take the edge and responsibility off of your lady every once in a while. The ability to cook displays that you're patient and know the importance of balance, a very healthy combination.
Be Yourself
For some reason, society has trained us to believe that there's some cookie cutter archetype of what every woman wants in a man. If we were all the same, there'd be no individuality to draw you closer to the people you share similar interest with. Plus, if women think you're weird for being yourself, that's obviously not the person you should be seeking out.
Take Responsibility
Be yourself, but at the same time be as tactful as possible. Let's face it... Being a f*** up is never an attractive trait. Take responsibility for the things you need to get done and this will show any woman that you're capable of providing and protecting the home you may build in the future.
Iron Man
We understand that not everyone is built like The Rock and can literally push a car uphill but, small displays of strength can easily sweep a woman off their feet. Making a woman feel safe with your physical ability is always gonna be a lip-biter for the ladies. Take your talents to the gym every once in awhile and work on defining those physical attributes.
Take A Joke
We're not saying that you have to be Dave Chappelle and perform for your significant other, her friends, and family in order to be accepted but, be able to take a joke and playfully sarcastic. No one wants to be around someone who's constantly a hard a** 24/7.
Fresh Cologne
This should be a dead giveaway for anyone who's over the age of eleven. When things smell good, you just want to be closer to them. Trying a brand new cologne out for the first time on a surprise date with your lady will lead to her head nuzzled into your neck because she can't get enough. Isn't that what we all want?
The Win-Win
Taking care of home is one of the biggest aphrodisiacs known to man. There's no hotter image to a woman than watching a man hit the yard on an early Saturday morning taking care of business or replacing old light bulbs atop a fifteen-foot ladder in hopes of improving their living space. It's damn near porn for women.
Bustin' Suds
This can fall underneath the housework category but, there is something about washing the dishes after a good home cooked meal that raises the eyebrows of women as it shows that you're willing to cooperate and put in the necessary effort to take the load off your woman in any way possible. It's commendable and respectable.
This could be a touchy subject to some but, for those of you who subscribe to any type of religious base, it's always comforting to know that your significant other is living in a fruitful and godly way. Having faith in something provides people with a sense of purpose and to carry out a message of positivity, who wouldn't be able to appreciate that?
Manners Matter
Yes, even 'til this very day being a well-behaved gentleman can get you a long way with the ladies. Simply opening doors, removing your hat inside of venues, and standing when a woman enters a room or approaches your table will be accounted without you knowing and can earn you a ton of points in attraction.
Pick It Up & Practice
Being able to play an instrument displays patience, creativity, and passion for curating known and your own personal art. Something that can never be taken away from you and women appreciate a man who knows how to carry a tune on a piano or perform some dope cords on the guitar. If you can, learn to pick up a simplistic instrument and get creative.
The Well-Dressed Man
This should also be another dead giveaway. No one wants to be with someone who can't dress for the occasion so, we recommend owning a variety of different types of clothing. Something to work out in, something for a business meeting, and something a little more formal for those candle lit festivities. Being able to impress with your ability to wear a suit or a simplistic denim and loafers combination will come in handy, trust us.
The Intellectual
Those kids that were once picked on for not watching the latest episodes of Jersey Shore and had a list of their favorite authors readily able to announce are now the ones getting all the girls. Face it, fellas, no woman wants to be stuck with a meathead for the rest of their lives, they want to be with someone who can teach them new things and grow with. There are many things, we as men should continue to do and much more than what's listed above. Regardless, do what you have to do to keep your woman happy and fiending for more. Remain reasonable, firm, and fair at all times and she's yours for an eternity.


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