15 Embarrassing Photos That Went Viral For The Worst Reason Possible

What the hell is wrong with these people! Shameless!
Ray Porter October 5th 2017 Humor
There's such a thing as being infamous, and it refers to being famous for all of the wrong reasons. When something really embarrassing happens, and it happens to be caught on camera--you better believe that you're at risk of your photo becoming famous for all of the wrong reasons. These people really embody this concept, and their embarrassing moments made them absolutely viral online. Let's just be glad these aren't photos of us!
A Car Walks Into a Pole
This woman managed to drive her car straight into lamppost, somehow. This image went viral due to the fact that the car park seems to be mostly empty, raising questions about how this even happened, talk about famous for the wrong reason.
Wacky Races
This hilarious photo has been loved by the internet due to how straight up bizarre it is. This could be something straight out of a cartoon because it is absolutely ludicrous and seems to defy basic physics, regardless, more power to him.
The Perfect Day
They say anything can go wrong on a wedding day, and this is a perfect example of that saying being proven true. This probably isn't something you expect to occur on your wedding, which is probably why it became such an internet sensation.
Mather Knows Best
This unfortunate tattoo mistake went viral due to the spelling of the word 'mother' and the spelling of the word 'thanks.' While it is unfortunate that this mistake is permanent, it is definitely to laugh at from the outside looking in.
I Hope The Flash Wasn't On...
This old fella tried to take a photo, but seems to be falling behind on how the new tech works. Although, these types of cameras aren't exactly new--it seems like this person has never used one before and has decided to press their eye against the 'eye hole.'
Unfortunate On Fox News
They say the devil is in the details, and as this guy talks about being "trusted," it is hilarious that he appears to have two devil horns due to the guy's collar in the background. Talk about hard to trust!
This image is the physical personification of how most of us feel from time to time. It is normal to feel like life is beating us down, or hitting us in the face--but this guy actually has proof of that happening to him. Unfortunately, so does the internet.
You've Probably Seen This Image Before
This wild night out got a little too wild when this photo was taken, managing to be the perfect bad photograph for seemingly every person in this photo. It has made its rounds on the internet and seems to pop up again every few years.
How Lovely
This photo was taken at the perfect time, and the guy in the 21 jersey seems to be getting a cute little peck on the cheek from the guy on the screen. I'm sure both lakers and spurs fans can agree that this photo is hilarious.
What Wedding Would Be Complete Without This Frog-boy
This photo is hilarious because of how defeated the woman who is apparently getting married seems to be. The bride has this look on her face of 'this is my life now' and it really brings the whole photo together.
So Close
What would have been a perfect photo had the people on the far left not fallen over--somehow became even better after this disaster occurred. Now, the photo has been immortalized by the internet, and for good reason. No man left behind!
Transit Sucks
We've all sat next to someone horrible on trains, or planes or busses--but this photo really takes the cake for having a horrible seating situation. The look on this guy's face is definitely responsible for how viral this image went.
When It Rains It Pours
This poor, poor kid. Genuinely you have to feel bad for him, but I'm sure the reason it went so viral is because it mirrors how a lot of us feel. Like life is conspiring against us and that all we can do is run and try to stop ourselves from getting pooped on.
Marking Your Territory
This photo was taken moments before disaster, as this woman probably woke up from the worst nap of her life for just about the worst reason that someone could ever wake up. Talk about waking up on the wrong side of the bed!
Dad Photobombs
This girl's dad decided to take this photo to a whole new level. If she was embarrassed at the time, she must have been even more embarrassing after this photo went viral due to its hilarity. Another point in dad's favour!


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