Mom Texts Dead Son To Cope With Grief, Then Miraculously Gets Text Back

Ian Anglin October 5th 2017 Inspiration
Taylor Thyfault was a member of the US Army. We had a great childhood and was very ambitious and passionate as a teenager. While in high school he wrote a list of 25 goals that he wants to achieve. Some of those goals were to join the army, get married and start a family, get an English bulldog and name him Diesel, visit Hawaii, swim with sharks, and other diverse stuff. That's why this story so tragic, but it doesn't explain the underlying mystery. Why was the mother texted back, after she sends several messages to her deceased son?
He Didn't Dream to Become Rich
As it is apparent from the above-listed goals, Taylor never dreamed about becoming rich or owning a large mansion. He was much more humble, and only wanted to be happy and to bring happiness to those closes to him.
He Was an Army Veteran by the Time he Was 21 Years Old
He was barely 21-years old when he already became an army veteran, and was close to finishing his cadet training with the Colorado State Patrol. His mother Carole Adler was very proud of his for this achievement.
He Was in a Car Accident
The fatal day was May 23, 2015. He was going on an assignment with his partner State Trooper Clinton Rushing. The assignment was to investigate another crash that had happened on the Colorado Highway 66 which is near Weld County.
He Was Alerted of an Incoming High-Speed Police Chase
While en route to the crash site, Taylor and his partner Clinton got an alert that a high-speed police chase was underway in the opposite direction. They stopped on Highway 66 to place stop signs in order to get the fleeing suspect.
He Crashed Into Them
The stop sticks that were placed by Taylor and Clinton had no effect on the suspect. The driver completely missed the signs and crashed into both men at a very high speed. Rushing was critically wounded, while Thyfault died on the spot.
Thyfault Saved His Life
There was a tow truck driver passing near the Thyfault's vehicle. He was stopped and warned that the area was dangerous and he should immediately flee. This warning by Taylor is what ultimately saved the truck driver's life.
"He Would Do It Again"
His mother, Carole Adler, when asked by reported said: "And if you asked him, he'd do it again, because he sacrificed himself, for someone else." There is no doubt in her mind that her son was a hero, whose life's dedication was to save others.
He Sent His Last Message to His Mother
According to Carole, that day, the text he sent her was the last one he sent that day. They regularly communicated by text messages. They also worked out together and had coffee together every Friday morning, never missing a week without seeing each other.
"Every day, it hits me like a ton of bricks"
His mother continued talking with reporters on several occasions, saying "Every day, it hits me like a ton of bricks, when I can't text him." She continued, "We're just that close. Everything that happened in his life was in my life."
She thought it was a One-Way Communication
After a few weeks passed from her son's death, she sent a message, telling Taylor that she missed him and she loved him. To her amazement, she immediately received a text back. I'm sure that was quite a shock to the grieving mother.
Who was Texting Her?
The message was from Sergeant Kell Husley. He was an officer in the Greeley Police Department and got a new phone number that summer, but he did not know who the original owner of his phone number was. He quickly realized what was happening.
The Sender Identified Himself
While talking with reporters, Sergeant Husley said, "So I sent a text back and identified myself, and said 'I'm with the Greeley Police Department, and I don't think your texts are going where you think they are."
He Offered to Request a New Phone Number
After Alder replied back to the message showed above, Sergeant Kell Husley replied back, offering to contact his superior and request a new phone number. He was obviously trying to make things better for the grieving mother.
He Felt an Instant Connection with Thyfault
Sgt. Husley remembered the passion he had when he first joined the police force 33 years ago. He told reporters in a recent interview that, "He's eager. He's excited, and he's willing to do a job that can sometimes be really unthankful."
He was Hit by Christopher Gebers
The man who critically hit the two State troopers, Christopher Gebers was later apprehended and caught by the local police force. He was found guilty for his role in the 2015 crash and has the following sentence: life plus 342 years.


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