Bank Deposits $4.6 Million Into Girl's Account By Mistake, Goes On Spending Spree

This is a dream scenario that turned into a nightmare for a greedy girl.
Ray Porter October 4th 2017 Humor
We've all dreamed of becoming an instant millionaire. There's making the right choices on the stock market, inheriting millions from a distant relative, even winning the lottery, and many other instant millionaire fantasies that we all have. We all also have a healthy resentment of banks, no many people feeling they owe the banks much especially when it feels like the banks act like what's in your bank account and it's a courtesy that you have any access to it.
A Huge Mistake
Someone working in an Australian bank a big mistake. A very big mistake, A 4.6 million dollar mistake to be exact. That was the amount of money that ended up being deposited into a young woman's bank account. 21-year-old Christine Jiaxin Lee was in Australia on a student visa when she woke up to inflated bank account.
A Favourable Error
It is not very often that a bank error actually works out better for the customer. Usually is a highly inconvenient disruption of service. However, for Christine this was very convenient indeed. If your bank mistakenly transferred 4.6 billion into your bank account, what would you do?
Who Could Blame Her
Despite the legal issue and even moral issue associated with not disclaiming mistake transfers into your account Christine took her opportunity and ran with it. She saw this as her big break finally showing its face, she grabbed on with both hands.
Caution Needed
Obviously, you can't just withdraw 4.6 million dollars from your account and expect no one to notice. Christine came up with a quick plan. She started transferring $5000 dollars a day into other private bank accounts that weren't connected to her original account.
The Shopping Spree
She didn't just transfer all the money. Like anyone would she did some spending too. In Lee's case she bought a lot of designer purses. You might think she would have made some investments like a car or somehow considered property but apparently not.
Money is Power, and Power Corrupts
Money can really go to a person's head, it can become more than just a tool for freedom but a whole power trip can occur. It certainly had Lee acting a little weird and obnoxious. Mostly in her extravagant, and thoughtless manner of spending.
What a View
Though she didn't look into many investments she came close and didn't change her living situation. Lee moved into a luxury sky high apartment. The apartment had a perfect view over the Sydney harbour and without a doubt was a step up from her dorm room.
How much?
The apartment's rent was a conservative $3000 a month, but that wasn't a problem for Christine. She was living the lime life now and had the stacks to back it up. She had the kind of money that lets you do whatever you want.
A Quick Leg Up
Christine was a student from Malaysia in Australia on a study visa. Giving the high living cost of Sydney and Christine's youth and standing it is more than safe to say that this kind of a lifestyle was outside of her reach at this point in time if not for one fated bank error.
Too Good to be True
All fantasies have to end the same as all good things come to an end too. Christine's fantastic good thing was no exception. 46 million dollars is a bit too large a sum of money to just go missing without a trace or care.
Tracking Down the Millions
The bank started to track their mistake. It didn't take them long to trace the mistake transfer to Christine's bank account. They then got the police involved and sent them after this brand new millionaire. This would put a dampener on her rich lifestyle.
Uh Oh! Where'd All the Money Go?
Lee really had spent a lot of money in this time. 3.3 million dollars of the original 4.6 million she had spent. This complicated her situation as matters are serious with such a big sum of money involved and it's not like she could smile and just pay it back.
Another New Residence
Lee found her living situation changed again. This time she moved behind bars. She still had some friends on the outside however, and her boyfriend, Vincent King, bailed her out more than likely get something out of the whole situation himself.
Another Fleeting Joy
Getting out from behind bars must have been a relieving moment but she wouldn't have long to savour it. Like her temporary extreme wealth her freedom was temporary as she learnt just how serious her situation really was. Especially in a foreign country.
Behave When You're Overseas
Being overseas is always a bit of a flimsy situation. It can feel like officials are just waiting for any reason to kick you out of the country. Breaking the law certainly serves as a good excuse. Emigration officials were called in and arrested Lee, and her visa reviewed.


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