Can't Figure Out Why Women Don't Want To Date You? Here's Why

Gigi Cummings October 4th 2017 Lifestyle
You're a great guy, you are kind and considerate and you are totally in love with her. Well then why does she not feel the same way? It's not that you are doing anything wrong necessarily, it's that you have put yourself in the friend zone and there is a very slim chance you are going to get yourself out of that anytime soon. You don't have to go out and buy a Harley Davidson and start slapping women on the ass when they walk by, but here are some ways to shake that "friend zone only" persona and become the man of her dreams.
You Are A Really Good Friend
Of course it's so great that she has a friend like you in her life. You are there for her whenever she needs you, and you would drop anything at a moments notice to be by her side, but she may want to keep you as a friend if you are always available to her because she wouldn't want to lose you if things got complicated while dating.
You're A TV Addict
Sure, everyone has their thing that helps them blow off steam and relax, but if yours is endless hours of video games that are so involved you don't know if it's night or day, or if you can't be bothered to change out of your pajamas on your day off while binge watching Netflix, she might not think you are the man of her dreams.
You Are Too Insecure
Nobody is perfect, and we all have some baggage in our lives that we bring into new relationships, but if you are incredibly insecure with yourself in ways that you need and should work on before being with someone else, she will want to keep you at an arms distant until you get that straightened out.
Your Lead With Your Arrogance
If you are struggling with some insecurities in your life, do not cover them up with arrogance thinking that will make you seem like a super together, confident person. She will see right through that and arrogance is never an attractive quality.
Put A Little Effort Into Your Appearance
No one is requesting you look like James Bond on a day to day basis, but putting a little effort into your appearance, showering regularly, keeping your facial hair under control and thoughtfully picking out an outfit when you guys hang out, are indicators to her that you would put effort into a relationship as well.
Don't Make Her Feel Bad
If you think you are the greatest catch, thats awesome, self confidence is sexy, but don't make her feel back or tell her she doesn't know what she is missing if she isn't knocking down your door to be with you, maybe that self confidence is leaning on the side of self obsessed and you need to knock it down a peg or two.
You Live Your Life By The Book
If you never let go or act spontaneously all she will see in you is a boring monotonous future. Show her you have a daring side that isn't afraid to take a chance or do something out of the ordinary, it will show her that life with you can be an adventure
You're The Brother She Never Had
She looks to you for protection and advice. You two have the type of relationship where she can tell you anything and she feels safe when she is with you, but has your role switched from protector to older brother? It's a fine line between the two.
You Like Your Vices More Than You Like Her
So you enjoy the occasional guys poker night, where you smoke cigars and drink whiskey until the sun comes up. But If these vices, drinking, smoking, gambling, and lack of ambition over shadow your responsibilities or how you care about other people, don't be surprised when she passes on going out with you.
Drop The Moody Teenager Act
In high school it might have been "cool" to act aloof and moody in the halls. it made you mysterious and edgy, but as an adult it just makes you look like an antisocial weirdo, and it is definitely not winning over her heart to watch you brood in a corner over nothing.
You Hear Her, But You Don't Listen To Her
Sure she may talk a lot, but she is comfortable with you and wants to tell you whats on her mind. If you are constantly tuning her out when she is speaking, she will think you don't find her important or care about what she has to say. She won't believe you when yo tell her you want more than friendship if you don't take the time to actually listen to her.
She Knows Your Game All Too Well
You may think the best way to get out of the friend zone is to start playing the game in order to get her attention. But she knows what is going on, she's seen it before and she will find it tired to watch you try and win her heart with silly playboy tactics.
Be A Man And Speak Up
If you are the type to mumble or you are unsure when you make an opinion, anything you say is just going to go right over her head. If you want a strong woman who speaks her mind you need to be a strong mind with an equally interesting and thoughtful mind.
Build Your Own Self Worth
While no one wants a cocky man who thinks he is better than anyone, you need to know your worth and be sure in your own self confidence before you try and pursue the girl of your dreams, confidence is sexy and knowing what you want will sweep her off her feet.
Tell Her How You Feel
You will sit forever in the friend zone if she never knows how you feel. Be your true best self, treat her with the respect and love she deserves and then tell her how you feel. Taking a risk and wearing your heart on your sleeve is a romantic gesture that most women swoon over.


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