Girl Leaves Behind an Oddly Shaped Fruit at the Theater During 50 Shades Darker

Wondering why....
Cole Damon October 4th 2017 Humor
Everyone knows that 50 Shades of Grey is a worldwide phenomenon. It is amazing to see that something that started out as erotic Twilight fanfiction turned into one of the bestselling books of the previous decade. What was most surprising is that the audience for it was mostly women, unlike a lot of previous erotic media. However it seems like some women got way too into the movie, like the one who brought a cucumber along.
The movie has a cult following
50 Shades of Grey and its sequels have a cult following among women. Women make up the largest part of the audience and it is clear that the movie understand female sexuality. The main character is a girl and she gets seduced by the enigmatic Mr. Grey.
It made BDSM mainstream
BDSM has always had a cult following but the movie made it something mainstream. Now everyone knows about it; it is no longer just a kink or a fetish. Many people tried out BDSM after watching the movie.
This theater employee found the cucumber
While the girls maybe all into it, this theater employee wasn't too into it once he found the vegetable in question. Imagine his surprise when he was just doing his cleanup duty and he ended up finding a fully uncut cucumber.
It wasn't the only one
The most surprising part is that it wasn't the only cucumber found. Two other theaters also reported finding a cucumber when they were cleaning up after 50 Shades of Grey. Maybe people just really love cucumbers now? We never thought popcorns in the cinema would get replaced by cucumbers.
The posts went viral
The cucumber pictures were uploaded to Snapchat by the employees but they quickly went viral. The screenshots soon spread all over the internet. Twitter and Reddit became a source of the pictures spreading even further, and before anyone knew, the girl was as famous as the Kardashians on social media.
Many jokes were made
Naturally everyone thought this was hilarious. People started pretending that cucumbers were a healthy snack that people were choosing instead of popcorns. We would have believed them a bit if the cucumbers had any signs of being eaten, chewed on, nibbled or even licked once...
The employees don't get paid enough
Imagine working at minimum wage only to find that you have to pick up cucumbers that have been in, uh, hot and humid places. One thing was clear: people felt sorry for the employees who had to find these disgusting vegetables.
Everyone wanted to know if the employees touched them
The question the employees kept getting was why would you touch them? One of them posted a picture of him holding the cucumber in his bare hands. That is something which we would never ever dare to do... or think... or wish.
Some tried to make excuses
There were many people who didn't want to live in a world where cucumbers were being used for such unsavory practices. Many even tried to say that maybe the cucumbers just fell out of grocery bags. Why just cucumbers though?
Mr. Grey is just a fantasy
We are sure that Mr. Grey will be a real pain to deal with in real life, and he is just a fantasy. However, it is kinda funny that a cucumber can be enough for some women in real life. Who needs Mr. Grey when you have Mr. Cucumber right in your hands?
The employees probably washed their hands a hundred times
Can you even imagine how dirty you would feel if you had to handle one of these cucumbers? All the hand sanitizer in the world wouldn't make us feel clean after handling cucumbers like this. This is top grade nasty stuff.
We gotta give credit to the movie
One thing cannot be denied - the 50 Shades series definitely gets female sexuality. It may not get its nuances, but no one can deny its power after these cucumbers. What other movie has made people bring vegetables to the cinema?
Was it a stunt?
Some people even thought that it was a stunt. However, we don't think it was a stunt. It doesn't paint the viewers in a good light. No one wants to be asked if they had a cucumber with them when they tell others what movie they went to see.
It was good marketing though
At the same time we cannot deny that it did make the movie go viral. We are sure more women checked out the movie when they saw the cucumbers, just to see what the fuss was about. We just hope that those women didn't bring any vegetables in.
There are better things than a cucumber to do this
If you plan to do anything similar for the sequel of the movie we have some advice for you. Get something made out of rubber and take it back with you. You can even get something with a battery to really make the experience special. Just leave the poor cucumbers alone.


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