15 Epic Photoshop Battles That Changed Everything

Things escalated quickly.
Ray Porter October 4th 2017 Humor
On the internet, you can find all sorts of content but it's photos and videos that are more common and most popular. You can find all sorts of phots; disgusting, heartwarming, just plain creepy, cringey, and those hilarious gold nuggets. Every now and then you even get something useful or informative. The internet has progressed to a point where we are asking ourselves "real or fake" at just about every image we've. We are in the age of photoshop, and this tool can be used for anything from misleading to communicating hilarious 'what if?' scenarios.
Kung-Fu Cat
Cat pictures and videos must make up about half of the internet and there's a good reason why. There is something hilarious about cats, it's hard to put your finger on exactly what it is but the things they do are ridiculous. This started as a cat standing on its hind paws and mouth open.
Jedi Cat
What started as an innocent cat in an awkward position has become a kung-fu master and now a jedi master too with just some simply background photoshops. The result is hilarious! It's the cat's expression that sells it but his body position lines up perfectly too.
Just Add Water
Here's our next victim. This original is of a kid's reaction after he microwaved his noodles without water. The result of his meal does not look good, but the true value here is the kid's expression of embarrassed shock - manifesting in a very expressionless way.
Gordon Have Mercy
Enter another favourite of the internet, bad-mouthed chef Gordon Ramsay. Gordon Ramsay is a professional chef and restaurant owner. He's done T.V. shows such as 'Hell's Kitchen' where the attraction is his savage insults. Noodle soup boy has been photoshop in, to Gordon's great annoyance.
What Have You Done Will
Next, we have an innocent mistake on set. Famous actor and comedian Will Ferrell accidentally throwing a basketball into a cheerleader's face on set. This photo is hilarious and it's the background expressions that really make this photo.
"Finish Him"
Will and the cheerleader have been moved into a mortal combat style background. Will has used 'Throw Basketball' and it was super effective. Will has scored a one hit K.O. The opportunity waiting in the faces of the onlookers is gone but the game style background looks really good.
Playing with Fire
This well-meaning teacher thought she was going to teach her students some caution in this hard to navigate online age. What she didn't realise was just how risky it is to tempt the internet. Playing with fire as she is it's likely she'll teach her lesson a bit too well.
Lesson Learnt: Beyoncé's Face Makes Everything More Funny
I am sure the students were laughing for hours after this and the photoshoot could have circulated the school for weeks. Beyoncé's photoshopped expression is so funny out of context it can take the focus away from just about anything.
Let's Take a Silly Photo
This photo is of a group of people all shaking their heads rapidly from side to side as the photo is taking. The resulting expressions are most definitely amusing but in this day and age a picture like this is just asking for a photoshop.
Another K.O.
The help of one of the world's most famous boxers has been enlisted for this photoshoot. Muhammad Ali is throwing one of his famous right bee stings at head shaking boy. The buy's expression hits in perfectly with his new background.
Headless Hockey
This original is a well timed picture of a hockey game. Evidently a fight has erupted and the Referee is trying to break it up. In his attempt to break up the fight he has lifted one of the players shirts up so he looks headless.
"Please get me out of here"
Here the Referee's screaming expression has been used. Apparently when this ref shouts he looks like he is overcome with terror. This ref is now pictured having a night of fun and shenanigans with his home girls. It looks to be a photo in a haunted house or the like, and his expression fits right in.
The Joke'll be On You Soon Enough
Here we have a wise guy aspiring comedian trying out some of his 'A' grade college humour. He's found Adam Levine's Proactiv+ poster add and utilised Levine's finger to enlarge his junk. He's completed the genitalia focused gag with shopping bag ball sack.
Revenge is Best Served Cold
Today the internet was on Adam's side and our college comedian got a taste of his on medicine, however the dial got turned a few notches up. College boy and Levine's faces were swapped and college boys open mouth is in an unfortunate position now.
Flying Carpet Party
This is what would happen if you asked the Genie from 'Aladdin' for the ultimate party-mobile. This started with party man riding his cardboard stead down the stairs beer raised in triumph. Now he is the king of the parties in 'Aladdin's Persia.


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