Teenager Nearly Goes Blind After Attempting To Tint Her Eyebrows

Precautions are an absolute must.
Ian Anglin October 4th 2017 Weird
I'm not a girl, so I won't play an expert on eyebrow tinting - in fact, until recently I didn't even know that eyebrows could be tinted. Talk about living under a rock. I mean, I know girls do that thing with the tweezers but tinting is another story. Anyway, this girl nearly went blind from the dye she used during the tinting process. I'm guessing the dye either contained some nasty chemicals or maybe she splattered it all over her face. Read below to find out:
The Eyebrows Were Perfect to Begin With
I'll say it out loud - don't fix what works. You can see a picture of her above - she wasn't especially nasty or weird looking, so I'm 100% sure she had no business doing what she did and risking her life like this. People never listen.
This Wasn't Photoshopped
She self-described her herself as "looking like a frog." Nothing to say much here, sadly. She used a store-bought tint that was perfectly legal, to begin with, but her skin had an allergic reaction to some chemical which leads to the swelling around the eyes.
Will She Be Able to Get Her Old Look Again?
At this moment she started panicking, being unsure whether this allergic reaction will pass on its own or will it leave any marks on her. We've all been there, doing something unwise and then just hoping that things return to normal.
This Was Actually the Best Tinting of Her Life
She told a reporter that this was actually "one of the best looks she sported in a while." Nothing at all seemed out of the ordinary, so she had no reason to be ready for the horror that followed. I can only sympathize.
30-Minutes Pass and the Swelling Begins
It was not before 30 minutes passed that the first bad reaction started happening. The first symptom, as with all allergies was the itching. She just couldn't stop itching, and her skin started turning red. Then it began to burn. A lot.
Forgetting to Read the Disclaimer
The manufacturer was not at fault here - in fact, every package that came with the crème read that the user needs to conduct a "patch test" to see if they're allergic to the ingredients. That's why you should always read labels.
She Had no Idea What Was Going on
The chemical that caused this whole fiasco is paraphenylenediamine. I've never heard of it before, but I've also never heard of eyebrow tinting - suffice to say, I suggest not using it under any circumstance. Just dye your hair if you are looking for a new look.
She Couldn't Open Her Eyes
She developed welts on her face, which made opening and closing her eyes that much more difficult. It's good that she had the courage and strength to keep taking photos though - otherwise, we would never be able to hear out her story.
The Doctors save her Life
She was lucky to be taken to the ER, where the doctors gave her anti-histamines in order to stop the allergic reaction. Anti-histamines are a type of drug that is used to stop allergic reactions - histamines are the cells the body used to alarm the immune system, which can go haywire, and thus cause this kind of problem.
Last Minute Save
After waking up from the procedures, the doctors explained that she nearly got blind, and if she had been rushed to the hospital any later, they might not have been able to save her eyesight. She was very lucky that day.
The Area Became Rock-Hard
She later explained to reports that the area just kept swelling and eventually got rock-hard. It must have been incredibly difficult to touch that area of her face and not start crying or feel pain. I hope this never happens again.
She Was Psychologically Affected
Tylah recalled that the pain and suffering she endured those few days scarred her both emotionally and physically. I can't say I don't understand this - even bruising a knee or ankle can have a profound effect on a person.
The Chemical That Did This Is Found in Many Coloring Products
Just because you don't dye your eyebrows, don't think you are safe. The chemical, paraphenylenediamine is found in all sorts of other, seeming harmless coloring products. Even hair dyes and various types of soap can have this included, so do read the labels before use.
Applying a Sensitivity Test
I have to re-iterate the previous point - if Tylah had just read the manual and did the allergy/sensitivity test 48 hours before applying the crème, none of this would have happened. People need to be careful about stuff like this.
Allergic Reactions Can Be Worse
The good news is, allergic reactions don't have to come to this level (and beyond) - many people will only get itching and burning sensations from exposure to this chemical, as everyone has a different degree of reaction to certain allergens.


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