Man Arrested For Murdering Girlfriend And Posting It On Snapchat

Ray Porter October 3rd 2017 Entertainment
The loss of a life is truly sad and to try and understand what would lead a person to murder their own girlfriend. Especially just after she shares a snapchat story in which the boyfriend is pointing a gun at her head is disturbing, to say the least. Most Snapchat stories are boring, shallow, self-promoting, or you get lucky with a funny one. This however just turns the stomach and makes you question society and the people around you.
21-Year-old Stephanie Hernandez
Young Stephanie was doing what many other girls do, snapchatting herself, on what must of seemed to be an ordinary day. No knew that these would be the last pictures of Stephanie captured alive. The snap chat eventually progressed to capturing her boyfriend, and what appeared to be innocent posing with a firearm.
Stupid Prank Turned Deadly?
It appeared to be a stupid prank or tasteless pose when Stephanie posted a snap of her boyfriend, Rafael, doing this; pointing his pistol in the direction of her head. The pistol had a laser pointer attachment but no one could have predicted the seriousness of the situation.
Just a Normal Sunday
Stephanie, on what seemed to be a normal Sunday, was at home in Little Rock, Arkansas. She posted photos of the ammo and the gun followed by snaps of her boyfriend, Raphael, who was at home with her that fateful Sunday.
A Quick Suspect
One perk of the sickening snapchat story was it gave the police a prime suspect to look at very quickly. After the proper evidence was acquired by police Raphael was taken into custody and bail set at 1 million dollars.
Stephanie's Last Moments
Stephanie's body was found several hours after the snapchat story. She suffered a single, fatal gunshot wound to the head. Her boyfriend, Rafael, fled the scene shortly after Stephanie was murdered. His fleeing the scene without calling authorities makes him look more guilty than he already did.
Stephanie's Roommates
It was one of Stephanie's two room mates who found the body and called the police. Rafael Gonzalez admitted to accidentally shooting Stephanie to her male roommate before he fled the scene of his terrible crime. Stephanie's time in this world had ended too soon.
National News
The story of Stephanie's murder made headline news incredibly quickly shocking townspeople. Her death marked the 13th homicide in her city a depressing fact. The tragedy weighed cripplingly on the hearts of all who knew and loved her.
The Investigation
The police began their investigation into the truth of Stephanie's death, working fervently in a hope to find closure for those close to Stephanie. At the same time, Stephanie's family disclosed to reporters that Stephanie's home had been ransacked and blood covered the floor.
The Ransacked Home?
Clothes and belongings had been thrown all over the floor as if the place had been robbed. In truth it was Rafael who had tried to grab all of his possessions from Stephanie's before he fled without a trace. Luckily the roommate walked in on him, helping in his later prosecution.
Suspicions of Rafael
Stephanie had only just moved into the apartment around three weeks prior to her demise, confirmed by friends and family. Rafael lived with Stephanie but there was a sense of distrust and suspicion that acquaintances said they felt toward him.
A Young Mother
The tragedy strengthens as Stephanie was a mother of two. Her, Rafael, and one of their daughters had seemed to be a happy, despite very young, family. But something sinister had to of been brewing behind the scenes to encounter such sadness.
Just a Memory
Stephanie's daughters are just 8 months old and 3 years old. Her eldest may retain some memories of her mother but the youngest will only have stories, pictures and videos to try to connect with her mother. A truly heartbreaking situation.
A time of Shattered Hope
Stephanie's uncle, Ray Hernandez, said that it was a time of hope and positive change for Stephanie. He said she was getting her life together for her little girls and had a new job lined up. She was meant to start her job the next day.
Missing Mommy
Stephanie's sister, Camryn Stars, has said that although Stephanie's children haven't been told of what happened but they definitely know that there is something wrong. Their mother's absence is noticed as her girls cry out for her at night.
A kind Soul
Stephanie was reported to be a kind soul. Jaquilan Davis had been Stephanie's friend for six years saying that she couldn't comprehend someone that simply wasn't capable of hurting anyone. He emotionally added that "Stephanie is just the coolest thing that could ever be."


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