15 Key Points To Remember About Online Dating

We all are the victims...
Emily Malone October 3rd 2017 Lifestyle
Dating can be one of the most fun parts of adult life, spending time with someone you like, and getting to know if you are the right one for each other is exciting! For the majority of human existence this connection has happened face to face but the internet is changing all of that. Online dating is a huge part of dating culture, but it is important to remember that the rules aren't the same as in real life. Here are 15 tips to consider before you dive into the online dating world.
Reality Doesn't Always Match Digital Reality
One of the biggest downsides of online dating is that you can't always know if the person you are talking to is what they say they are. With online dating profiles it is as easy to upload a more flattering photo from years ago or even a photo of someone else if you want to appear more attractive than you are.
Photoshop And Other Deception
Even if someone is using photos of himself it is almost impossible to know if the photo has been modified or not. With several different sites and tools like photoshop out there it is easy to manipulate almost any photo before posting, from changing color balance levels to the shape of the face or body.
What Will You Tell Your Friends?
Say you do meet that perfect person online... what will you tell your friends and family? Many people feel uncomfortable with or embarrassed about meeting their significant other online and will make up a fake meeting story to tell the others in their life about where they met.
How Different Are You Willing To Deal With?
Seeing as it is more than a little bit likely the person you are meeting will look or act different than what you expected online, a good thing to consider is how different are you willing to deal with? Small changes are to be expected, but if someone is basically a whole new person it is probably best to leave them behind.
Honesty Is The Best Policy
When it comes to creating your own internet dating profile the old saying 'honesty is the best policy' certainly applies. Even though other people may be deceptive online if your profile is accurate there is no way anyone can get upset with you over misrepresentation.
Angles Make All Of The Difference
When looking at other people's profile photos consider the angles that their photos are taken at. Angles can be manipulated to emphasize the features of a person that they find most flattering and want to show off to others, try considering what they might look like from a more regular angle if their photos are from an unusual angle.
The Internet Overshare Is No Good
It is good to make the important parts of your personality known, especially when you are looking for a partner because open communication is key. However there is such thing as an overshare, for example stating the status of your virginity online. Probably better to avoid things like that.
Sometimes Short And Sweet Is Better
This profile is great because of how simple it is. The photo she has chosen to use is clear and close up so you really know what she looks like. Her username and bio both point to how important surf and the ocean are in her life giving anyone looking good talking points to start a conversation.
Try And Avoid The Dummies
Just like in real life, there are a lot of idiots on the internet. Some might be better at playing it off before you notice, but some make it really clear even just from their profile. When you see someone like that it is probably better to steer clear, no matter how good looking they are.
And The Crazies
Because of the anonymity of the internet, lots of people use the privacy to let their freak flag fly. This can be good if you find someone the same type of weird as you are, but sometimes it is better to keep it to yourself until you have a bit more of a relationship established.
Clear Communication
Getting your point across smoothly on the internet can be difficult, but some people have got it down perfectly. Take this guy for example who was so smooth he got the person he was messaging with to ask for his number, even though he was really asking for theirs.
But Don't Send Too Many Messages
It is good to be available and willing to communicate with someone you are looking to begin a relationship with. However, there is also such a thing as being too available. This guy for example should probably have taken the hint a few unanswered requests ago and stopped asking the person he was messaging to come over.
Don't Be Afraid To Cut And Run
Sometimes everything can seem like it is going fairytale perfectly online, and then when it is brought into the real world it starts to crash and burn. When this happens sometimes it is far better to cut your losses and leave it for what it was, a learning experience.
Accept The Downfalls
No dating situation is perfect and online dating is most certainly not the exception to that rule. That doesn't mean that it isn't worth trying, but it is important to go into the experience with a realistic perspective on both the good and the bad of online dating.
Bring The Relationship Off Of The Internet
When you first get to know someone in one very set environment it can be hard to bring that relationship from virtual to reality. Make sure to break any bad habits you have picked up from online introduction when you are starting to make your relationship more in person based.


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