Street Sweeper Becomes Internet Sensation After Her Photos Went Viral

She says "She will never clean the streets again"
Ray Porter October 3rd 2017 Entertainment
It seems like every few days on the world wide web, someone gets extremely popular. Often this attention is fleeting, but it has the power to change the individual's life for better or for worse. A mostly positive case was recently brought to the public spotlight, of an ordinary person who just happened to become famous in a very short amount of time, for a reason that might actually not seem that unusual!
Rita Mattos
This story is about Rita Mattos, a woman who has been featured on various websites around the world, gained thousands of fans and increased her social media presence very, very quickly after being identified for something that might seem kind of odd.
A 24 Year Old From Brazil
Rita Mattos is from Brazil, where she lives a normal life and carries out her day to do day work. Before becoming a Whatsapp and Instagram sensation, Rita Mattos was just a normal 24 year old girl living life as usual.
Viral Fame
However, everything started to change for Rita Mattos, when her photos started to go viral in Brazil. She soon became an internet sensation and started going viral worldwide, getting thousands of followers on Instagram in a very short amount of time!
Why Has She Become So Popular?
There are two main reasons that Rita Mattos became so famous lately. The first might seem obvious, she's really attractive. Fans have been quick to point out just how stunning Rita Mattos is, and after all, can you blame them?
Her 'Unusual' Job
The second reason is because people have said online that she has somewhat of an unusual job. While it is not for us to judge whether or not her job is in fact unusual or not, people have become obsessed with her due to the fact that she is a street clear in Brazil.
Rita Works in Rio de Janeiro
To be specific, Rita works in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro. In her day to day life she conducts and performs all the ordinary duties of a street cleaner, and works as an employee for the Municipal Urban Cleaning Company, which is native to her town.
She first began to blow up after photos of her in her street cleaner's work outfit started to be shared on social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook and just about every other app you can name. Although, it would seem WhatsApp is where her viral fame originated.
Her Instagram Exploded Overnight!
After the photos of her in her uniform became such a success, her new fans were quick to track down her other social media accounts, such as her Instagram account. She managed to gain over 12,000 fans on Instagram as a result in a very short amount of time, and hasn't stopped there Now she has 166,000~ followers!
Creepy Fans
Rita Mattos has of course gotten some creepy fans who are a little bit too eager and persistent as a result of her new fame. Apparently, Rita's inbox is full on just about ever platform from people trying to contact her and even, in some cases, strangers attempt to call her!
Rita's Response to the Messages
Rita has described this phenomenon of people trying to contact her. The way she described it was: "There are people who try to call me through Facebook. Some I answer. I just don't share my WhatsApp number, or things would become crazy,"
To Hot For Her Job?
A big part of this viral sensation attracted fans who said that Rita is 'too attractive' to work as a street cleaner. These statements have been the subject of some controversy, and it is hard to know if these comments are well-meaning but misguided, or venomous.
Rita Is Proud of Her Job!
Rita has been quick to dismiss these claims that she is 'too hot' to be a street cleaner. She was vocal about pointing out that it is a respectable profession and that no one should be criticized for the honest work they do.
Embracing the Fame
Rita has decided to embrace her new fanbase and has created a fan page and is more active on her social media accounts as a way to build her online persona as a positive consequence of all of this new attention.
Her Long Term Plans
For now, Rita says that she is happy being a street cleaner and that she loves the support her co-workers give her. She wants to stand by them and enjoys promoting society's professions that are often under-appreciated. In the long run, she wants to attend college to pursue business administration.
Using Her New Power For Good
In a statement that shows she has a great heart, Rita Mattos has decided to devote her new role in the spotlight as a way to show respect to workers who are overlooked or criticized for their jobs. These jobs are important for society, and Rita wants to make sure people know it!


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