This Is What Happens When You Wrap Your Teeth In Tin Foil

Cole Damon October 3rd 2017 Entertainment
It's not exactly easy to get shiny and white teeth. One has to go through a host of expensive procedures from a dentist to achieve bright smile - a dozen or so appointments later, you will achieve the perfect smile but will also have lost a sizable chunk of your savings. Can there be a better way to achieve white teeth without having to meet the dentist?
Brush your teeth daily
The most obvious of these is to regularly brush your teeth. Doctors and health practitioners recommend a person to brush their teeth at least twice daily. Now this may not achieve the perfect white teeth we desire, but it will most certainly get rid of bacteria.
We also need to understand what destroys them
The most common ways of damaging your teeth is to use toxic substances such as cigarette, tobacco and any products which contain tar. Additionally, coffee and similar drinks heavy in caffeine can leave behind hard to clean stains.
Everyday products can get rid of most of these stains
Oral hygiene dental care products are designed to get rid of everyday stains, plaques and bacteria growing on or near the teeth. Flossing also helps immensely. But they don't really help with the gloss and shine of your teeth very much.
There are numerous DIY methods out there
But the specific act of teeth whitening either requires making an expensive trip to the dentist or applying various DIY methods that the internet is crawling with. Some of these methods can actually work, and others are ineffective at best.
The famous strawberry method
A popular application making use of strawberry is to crush it into a pulp and mixing it with baking soda for blending it. A soft toothbrush is used to spread the mixture evenly onto the teeth. A few weeks of doing the same can result in bright and white teeth.
The banana method
Other health pundits swear that banana peels can help achieve the same. Simply rub them on your teeth like they're toothbrush or something. We don't know how foolproof this method is. Perhaps you can let us know in the comments.
But this next home remedy shocked us!
We've read so many stories about fruits helping us get brighter teeth that the following DIY trick actually made us feel slightly perplexed. Only slightly. The following method will truly shock you, who knew this everyday material could help with our teeth so much?
Wrapping teeth around tin foil
A woman applied tin foil around her teeth in attempts to get that pearly white look. And it's no snake oil either. It actually manages to get the job done admirably - amazing how aluminum can prove to be so effective with our teeth.
Here are the following steps
The secret to the aluminum foil method is almost exactly the same as the strawberry solution but with a few changes. You simply start off by mixing baking soda, salt and water into a paste. The paste will be made use of later.
Time to cut the aluminum sheets
Simply cut a small piece of tinfoil to fit your teeth, you don't really need large amounts of the sheet, so only cut as much as is needed. You don't want to be either too wasteful or too constrictive with the cuts.
Pay attention if you have fillings
It helps to take into account the fillings in your teeth to avoid any uncomfortable sensations when its finally time to apply the aluminum sheets. But don't worry, it won't hurt as long as there aren't any sharp ridges and crests on those cuts.
Now to make use of the paste we made earlier
Simply take part of the paste and mix a layer of it over the tin foil piece. Make sure it's all spread evenly over the aluminum foil. Remember that the aluminum on its own won't help your teeth much - the paste goes with the foil.
You're now ready to apply the solution
The difficult part of the process is fitting the foil around your teeth. You must exercise patience here because one wrong move can result in you gashing your gums. That will definitely result in a trip to the ER, and then a follow up visit to the dentist.
Follow a strict regimen
As is the case with everything in life, the aluminum foil solution must be followed by sticking to a strict regimen. You must leave the foil on your teeth for at least one hour. Remember to repeat this process twice every week.
See the results
Keep this up and you'll see white teeth in no time. Change takes time, so be patient. Rivers. All those teeth whitening products and trips to the dentist have now been cut short because of this marvelous aluminum foil trick. How come we didn't know about this novel solution earlier?


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