12 Pictures People Who've Never Had A Period Won't Understand

It's not easy to be a girl
Cole Damon October 3rd 2017 Humor
Periods are the bane of every woman's and young, adolescent girl's existence. It is one of the most uncomfortable and stressing times in a woman's life, and the fact that it happens every months for several decades, really puts the painful icing on the discomfort dessert! Following are some pictures which women will connect with all too well, and which will probably make no sense to anybody who has never had a period.
Period Pains are no joke...
Let's get real though, period pains are not to be taken lightly. They can stress a woman out to no end, and make life miserable, whether it is domestic or professional. And yet there are people who are oblivious to it.
Realization of Inner Strength!
Have you ever had that intense flow of emotions that render you a weakling, momentarily? Well, it's likely they are caused by the period, not by a lack of inner fortitude! Thankfully, we have our flow to remind us of that.
Here Come the Waterworks
Periods tend to bring out the fragility in us women; fragility that is expressed via tears and crying, sometimes for the most seemingly trivial of reasons. The waterworks can come at any given time, and can often leave people wondering.
Is it Pee or Is It Not?
Periods can sometimes feel like you've straight up peed your pants. This can lead to confusion, especially for younger girls who can be found scratching their heads over this conundrum. Calls to moms and friends to confirm the situation are expected.
Feels Like the World is Against You
Ever get the feeling that people are doing things just to get on your last nerve and beyond? Yeah, that might just be your period reminding you that you hate everything in the world. If only people understood!
How a Sneeze can Paint Everything Red
Periods are particularly annoying when they put your flow on a hair trigger. Even a simple sneeze can make it look like the hallway scene from The Shining, complete with creepy twins (your ovaries)! This is an unfortunate condition indeed.
Pants Doubts Galore
When you have your periods, it is a consistent amber alert, and you have to make a conscious effort to prevent it from going into the red zone. That doesn't stop your mind thinking of the worst case clothing scenarios.
Secret Period Code
Some people are very uncomfortable when discussing periods. Boyfriends and husbands are usually to blame for the impromptu code language which is used to discuss periods sometimes. Needless to say, it can get somewhat ridiculous, not to mention totally funny!
Stiff as a Board
We all know the struggle of lying stock still to prevent the flow from ruining clothes. This can get somewhat excessive sometimes, such as when sleeping. Women can sometimes utterly freeze in place, completely motionless, to prevent code red situations.
The Impending Horror
Sometimes paranoia can take a hold of you and refuse to let go. This is certainly in the case of period-ridden girls. We end up expecting the very worst; blood-red tapestries of horrific battles; on the sheets in the morning!
Insensitivity to Gore
Honestly, the stereotype that women get queasy at the sight of blood is complete and utter horseradish... Don't believe us? Just imagine bleeding out of an important orifice, every month. Women are probably more used to blood than anyone else.
Constantly Shimmying and Shifting
One has to make sure that the pad is not out of place during period days. This is often the cause of a lot of shifting the pesky thing into place, which is often quite weird and awkward in public.
When Painkillers Out-value Diamonds
Painkillers are a woman's best friend when the cramps hit, and any woman who has felt the brunt of them will know this! The relief they bring is precious, and cannot be quantified in terms as trivial as monetary!
Mixed Signals
Is it over? Is it still on? Sometimes trying to decipher the subtle messages that your body gives you is almost impossible. One moment you could be lead into believing that the period is done, and the very next moment...
The Struggle is Well and Truly, Real
Yes, it is our burden to bear, but that does not mean that we should stop complaining about it. It hurts, it's unsightly, it can lead to severe embarrassment, and it is just plain icky. We deserve to complain, please understand!


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