15 Hysterical Pictures To Get You Through Your Rough Day

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Cole Damon October 3rd 2017 Humor
A picture can tell a thousand words, but the ones we've selected for tell an entire story. Why not also throw in a bit of psychology, sexism, marketing and a whole bunch of tomfoolery into the mix as well? We've collected 15 pictures which have something very unique to tell. From expelling boredom to enjoying life, these pictures definitely have something special waiting in store for you.
Flying monkey or....?
When it comes to bears, they'll get to their food by any means necessary - whether that means diving nose down 10 feet underwater to retrieve fish from the river or trusting their entire body weight to a rope and skid along to the nest for some bird eggs.
The idiot sandwich
Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay does not shy away from using coarse language to describe failures of participants on his show. In this picture, he slams two pieces of loaf on either side of a participant's face and gave her the title of "Idiot sandwich" We wonder what she may have done to warrant this punishment.
The mystery behind every guitar's shape
This question has bothered man since the dawn of time. So what's the most likeliest of reasons why guitars have a typical rounded back? To provide maximum acoustic benefits? Wrong. To accommodate the burgeoning mammary of the female species. Yes!
And then there's Emma Watson
Almost every kid practically grew up watching Emma Watson from her adolescent years, to her teenage life and now well into her adult life. And it has been every young man's (or old) dream to see the youthful starlet in all her glory. Well you'll have to contend with this for now.
Leonardo Di Caprio's famous movie quote
"Sell me this pan." Four simple words that managed to speak volumes about the marketing world. They teach us an important life lesson that the salesman is perhaps the most important ingredient for any successful business. A female model with a nice rack won't hurt either.
There are two kinds of men in this world
Those who settle. And those who hop around the place until they catch an STD or something. Psychology dictates that one only purchases bouquets of flowers for a single date, but beer and food for well - an orgy.
For those with too much time on their hands
Most people and cats have too much time on their hands. An idle mind is the workshop of the devil, as the saying goes. And to vent all that frustration, you'll even crawl on the floor and roll over the carpet. The little cat here deploys flip flops to provide her the much needed traction on the 'rough terrain'.
Alright enough with these jokes already
But seriously, this Mexican astronaut actually landed up on planet Puto. You know - the one which bothered scientists for decades and ended up being called planet X. He used faster than light space vessels to traverse those intergalactic distances.
Crazy pick up lines
What does one do with the upvotes they have collected on the internet? Many users online have been perplexed by this question. But this innovative user finally found a tangible use of his upvotes: use them as pick up lines. And it actually works for him too. Good for you man.
How would your mum punish you in an online game?
Moms and dads can sometimes employ a few 'rough' disciplinary measures to impart important life lessons to their kids. But what would they use to chastise you in an online game? Bullets? Grenades? Or running you over with a car? Why of course flip flops!
Pickup line fail
Most men try to use the cheekiest of pickup lines to try getting laid. But when this guy mentioned his junk to a strange woman in the most offhanded of ways, she had just the right words for him. When she talks about 'molecular level', she's actually referring to how tiny his junk is. Now that has gotta hurt.
Gamer+Parent= No gaming
This is the general rule of thumb for most parents who also happen to be video gaming enthusiasts. But their baby only serves to mess up with their gaming habits. This man found the right solution it seems.
What is the chemical composition of...
Alright so perverts will use any excuse to sneak in their nasty ideas about sex. Someone with too much time on their hands wrote "Chemical composition of a Latina orgasm" on this picture. While we strongly disapprove of this comment, we did find ourselves giggling just a little bit.
She expects a lifelike painting
Poor girl's in for a surprise, all that sitting still and for what? Granted that it isn't expected from the young boy to draw an immaculate picture of the girl, but why would he inscribe the word 'fart' on the picture?
Pranking on your friends
If you're a cruel person who likes messing around with your friends - this is the way to do it. They'll keep wondering where the night terror crawled to. Except there was no creepy crawly under that cup in the first place, was there?


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