Hero Trucker Saves Grandma And Little Girl From Burning Car

Kylie Perry August 30th 2017 Inspiration
We all possess the potential for greatness and the power to do amazing things, but we're not exactly put to the test and required to perform under pressure every single day. Some people have a unique ability to think on their feet and make major decisions quickly, and some jobs require those skills. But then there are people like David Fredericksen, an ordinary truck driver who did something amazing when the circumstances demanded it. Let's take a look at what he did to go viral!
The call to act
Given that he drives for a living, David Fredericksen's days involve some degree of peril. From the weather, other drivers and any number of other outside factors, it's a job that requires he stay alert at all times. When a Lincoln Town Car in Gulfport, Mississippi, plowed into an 18-wheeler's gas tank and caused an explosion on Interstate 10, he had the wherewithal to stop a safe distance from the wreck before saying a quick prayer. "Holy cow!" his partner Walter Letterman said. "That guy's dead, dude."
"God, please don't let me have to deal with somebody halfway burned alive, screaming," Fredericksen thought to himself. With that, he grabbed a fire extinguisher, abandoned the safety of his truck and set about being heroic. After surveying the scene, he initially believed the two passengers -- a little girl and her elderly grandmother -- to be dead. Then he saw movement stirring in the back seat, and a little head appeared in the rear window. Fredericksen knew it was time to act.
A rescue in time
As Letterman and others made their way to the scene, Fredericksen noticed the woman struggling in the front seat. "The lady was laying in the front seat and she was trying to kick the door open." Fredericksen scrambled to help her get the door open. "I heard the metal bending, but I'm a pretty good-sized guy. And if you watch the video, you kinda see me jerking on it to get it open. But it wouldn't open."
"At that point, what could I do? I didn't know; I had never been in a situation like that." With more good Samaritans on the scene, Fredericksen was finally able to wrench the front door open. "And in the backseat, that little head, I see it pop up again, and out of the corner of my eye I see some other people showing up, so I got into the backseat, I grabbed the little girl. I reached in, she grabbed me around the neck."
A continuous vigil
Fredericksen's fellow rescuers pulled the woman from the front seat to safety as he picked up the child in the car's rear compartment. "It was surreal that they were okay. I mean, I was, just... I didn't think anyone could live through it, truthfully." He considers it a miracle from God, as if he was meant to rescue these people. "The car was just on fire. I didn't burn my hands. It wasn't hot. I mean, I do believe that He protected me, and He protected them."
Fredericksen says that had he missed the scene by 20 seconds, he would have been down the road before the accident occurred. Had he been 10 seconds sooner, it's likely that his truck would have been the one struck. "I've never met the lady, but I'm just very happy that was able to help her that day." As his journey through life takes him along countless other highways, David Fredericksen will be ready again, should he ever be called upon to help others in need.
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