If Your Young Son Wears These Type of Swimming Trunks, You May Have a Problem

I think I'll just throw them out.
Cole Damon October 3rd 2017 Weird
Laruna Collins, mother of 5 year old Jack Collins was expecting a normal Sunday afternoon in which she would spend some quality time with her son, bonding over a routine swimming session in the pool. But the worst possible thing happened when her son let out a blood curdling scream, putting the mother in a terrible fright as she started assuming all the worst case scenarios.
They were enjoying the holidays
When 33 year old swimming club consultant Laura was vacationing with her 5 year old son, she never expected that her boy would give off the most frightening of screams ever. She never thought that bous could even scream that loud.
Everything happened behind the scenes
The 5 year old boy was wearing swimming shorts which his mother purchased from Tesco, a popular supermarket chain. The netting in shorts were slowly wrapping around the end of his penis - it was almost as if they were 'strangling' him.
She tried to help him out of the swimming shorts
When the perfectly normal swimming session was over with Laura began to help her son out of his trunks. It was at this point when the boy let out a terrible scream; his miseries shattered her world in that moment.
"He let out the most gut wrenching scream"
According to Laura's own words, "it's a sound no mother should ever have to hear". It was as if the boy was getting torn apart by a mysterious force of nature. At first even she couldn't pin point exactly what the source of his pains were.
He didn't notice it in the pool
While the boy was playfully splashing around in the pool, the netting in his shorts wrapped around his penis, weaving in tighter knots every passing second and whenever he would make significant movements in the pool. The result was excruciating pain.
She tried cutting the shorts herself
At first Collins ran all the way to the hotel's desk to retrieve a scissor and force the little boy out of those miserable nets. But the nets had wrapped so tightly around his penis that she couldn't get him out herself.
The nitty grity details of the scene
"There were two little bubbles on either side, like skin, like it was going to burst" says Laura. It was a terrible mess, not something Laura was equipped to handle. Given the situation, she was better off getting medical attention.
Is there a doctor in the house?
The attendants pointed out that Collins was better off getting help from the doctors instead. In the heat of the moment she could have caused more damage to the boy's genitals. Fortunately, she heeded their advise and sought help from doctors.
Doctors deployed a local anesthetic
The doctors realized that the situation called for drastic measures and soon made use of local anesthetics to relieve the boy of his pain and begin their operation. Their entire ordeal was now under the safe hands of trained doctors.
The doctors carefully examined his genitals for further damage
Jack would probably have lost his penis had the netting wrapped any tighter around it; the doctors spent hours carefully examining his penis to watch for any signs of permanent damage. They discharged him when no signs of damage were found.
This isn't an isolated case of shorts getting entangled
Doctors reported that Jack's misadventures aren't the first of their kind. Similar incidents have occurred with other little boys as well. Jack was fortunate enough to have escaped from his ordeal in one piece, others weren't so fortunate.
Laura is warning parents of swimming shorts
Laura and brave little Jack are issuing warnings to parents about the dangers of bathing suits for kids, especially boys. Collins encourages parents to remove the netting from the trunks to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.
What Tesco has to say
The company behind the shorts, Tesco apologized to the Collins and have began their own investigation with the manufacturer, reassuring their customers that "all our swimshorts meet industry standards required for mesh lining." They've even offered Jack with some treats. Now that oughta cheer him up!
The brave boy isn't traumatized
Little Jack is not traumatized by the excruciating pain he received from his swimming shorts and although he's upset, "he managed to bounce back" according to Laura. "He talks about how he nearly lost his willy on holiday... " says Laura.
Jack cares so much about his friends
"He's been warning to all his friends as he doesn't want the same thing to happen to them. " Says Laura Collins. The innocent little kid is on a mission to educate and warn his friends so a similar fate doesn't befall them.


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