Hilarious Illustrations That Show The Difference Between Men and Women

This is going to be an interesting debate
Ray Porter October 3rd 2017 Humor
While we may all be human and part of the same species men and women have some pretty distinct differences. Despite us all being different and individuals there are most definitely some generalisations that can be made about men and woman and often they are opposites. If you let your hair down and come into this with the right attitude and an easy-going sense of humour, you'll be chuckling at these at these amusing differences between men and woman.
Reactions to Pain
For this one it is most definitely men that have claim to more absurd behaviour. While it is most defiantly common for a woman to completely over react to pain, they at least healthily avoid pain. On the other hand, pain to boys is just another way to prove you're the best.
Talking Cars
For many men a car is far more than transportation. It's a passion and a representation of who they are inside and who they want to be, right down to every detail. As such, conversations between men about cars can go incredibly technical and in-depth very quickly. You'd be hard pressed getting much more out of a woman than "I like the yellow one" in contrast.
Packing a Suitcase
Man and women have very different styles of and approaches to packing a suitcase. Women are all about organisation and worry. They start between weeks and days in advance going through various stages, and worry about forgetting something throughout. A man will pack on the day or the night before if he's particularly organised.
How They See Their Own Bodies
As far as body image concerned men and women tend to be polar opposites. A woman will always see herself as a lot worse that she really is, seeing fat in skin and their butts will always look twice as large as they are. In contrasted the six pack a man sees in the mirror is often the precursor to six fat rolls
Hair Cuts
Woman take their haircuts very seriously. They build an on going relationship with their hair dresser to the point that they are more trusted advisor in all matters rather than just a hairdresser. When they get a haircut there is also barely any change, and god forbid it you don't notice. Men will grow their hair out to an out-doorsy bush before cutting it down to something sleek every couple of months.
Pulling off No Pants
There is something that just turns a mans brain to absolute mush about a girl just wearing a shirt and nothing else (socks an acceptable extra). On a man, however this is the absolute worst look. Those hairy legs sticking out awkwardly like bread sticks.
Lying About Fights
Most men do some about of fighting growing up. It tends to be considered a form of character building. Mothers don't tend to understand this and so it is an unspoken rule that a man will like about any fight related injuries to his mother. Girls conversely will get the assistance of their mother any way they can.
Men have one hairstyle. Yes, you heard right just the one. They try to get it looking the same every day. That same one hairstyle they've decide they like. Girls have different hairstyles dependant on their activities. A girl's hairstyle changes so much it can be read similarly to body language.
Love in Friendships
Girls friendships are incredibly loving and supportive. To some degree they mirror an intimate relationship. There and confessions of love for one another and should to cry on. In a male friendship, don't go there things will get awkward and sexualities will be questioned.
Checking Out the Opposite Sex
Men spend a lot of time checking out the opposite sex. With all this time spent practicing you would think they might have gained some skills of subtlety. It is unquestionable that they think they are undetectable but they are horribly outclassed by the undetectability of a woman checking out a man.
In this men are clueless. They prefer the' no-face' and the 'stand there not really sure of what I should be doing right now'. Girls are the master of the duck-face. Posing is a necessity in life for them. Honestly, I do think the 'no-face' trumps the duck face.
A Ball to the Face
While playing sport women and men have very different reactions to getting hit with a ball in the face. For girls this is a horrible event, the victim cry's and the kicker is filled with guilt and apologies profusely. For men this is the highlight of their day and the game may stop due to laughter the 'victim' may well see the hilarity in the situation too.
Matching Outfits
This one has been spoken about many, many times before but is still an amusing observation. If two woman are in the same clothes it is a catastrophe and those two girls will never be friends but rather sworn enemies. For guys, especially if you're going to a party where you don't know many people, this is a god send. You have just made a new fiend, possibly a new best friend.
Getting Ready
Another classic. Girls will take a long time to get ready. And yes, most of that time will be spent indecisively choosing clothes. A woman's routine can take hours. A man is quick to get ready if he takes more than 20 mins he is an abnormally slow man.
Girls and Computers
This one is simpler to cars. A boy knows the ins and outs of his computer, both the computer and his knowledge of his own computer and direct reflections of the man himself. Woman do not know what's in their laptop or computer. They know the colour and if it's a mac or not.


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