Embarrassing Celebrity Moments That'll Make You Feel Less Awkward

Accidentally embarrassing.
Ray Porter October 3rd 2017 Entertainment
It can be easy to forget that celebrities are people too. They're just like us in the sense that they make mistakes and feel self conscious from time to time. Unfortunately, unlike most of us, celebrities are often in the spotlight, so when they embarrass themselves in public there is a pretty good choice someone will be there to capture it on camera. Here are some embarrassing celebrity moments that remind us that they're human too.
Emma Watson on The Tonight Show
Emma Watson had a rather embarrassing moment on The Tonight Show when she mistakenly thought that Jimmy Kimmel was Jimmy Fallon, and vice versa. On the show, her embarrassing moment involved her telling Jimmy Fallon that she was a big fan of the "I Told My Kids I Ate Their Halloween Candy!" series, without realizing she was congratulating the wrong person!
Walk It Off, Julianne
This photo shows an embarrassing footwear moment where Julianne Moore is clearly packing more into her shoes than can comfortably fit. This image is cringey due to the sheer pain that must have been involved in her placing her feet inside this death trap.
Lost In Translation
Justin Bieber had an embarrassing moment in concert when he attempted to perform Despacito live, but forgot the words. Instead of admitting to his mistake, he proceeded to sing a bunch of nonsense that wasn't even close to proper Spanish!
Hit and Run
Ariana Grande had an embarrassing moment of her own at a fashion show when she almost got completely knocked off the runway. This hilarious mishap was captured on film, and luckily no one got hurt--and they all ended up laughing it off.
Zac Efron I Think You Dropped Something!
Zac Efron had an embarrassing moment when he dropped a condom at just about the worst place imaginable. This movie star was at one of the first screenings of The Lorax, a children's movie, when he accidentally dropped a condom for the world to see.
Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera shocked the world by having something apparently gross drip down her leg during a performance. Luckily, the mysterious and apparently icky substance turned out to be nothing more than regular spray tan, but it was still embarrassing at the time!
Jerry Seinfeld turns down Kesha
This recent embarrassing moment involved Kesha approaching Jerry Seinfeld on the red carpet. Jerry Seinfeld apparently didn't recognize her, and mistook her for a rabid fan. He ended up turning down a request for a hug, and telling the reporter he had no idea who that was. Yikes!
La La Land and Moonlight switch up
The Oscars were a particularly embarrassing time for many celebrities, especially the casts and crew of La La Land and Moonlight. It was incorrectly announced that La La Land had won the Oscar, when the rightful winner was Moonlight. Them admitting and correcting their mistake was very hard to watch.
Beyonce and a fan
Beyonce had an embarrassing moment with a fan when she got hair stuck in one. Get it? Anyway... this sensational star continued performing while trying to unwedge her hair from a fan, which sounds pretty darn terrifying and just embarrassing enough to make this list.
Katy Perry takes a dive
Katy Perry fell backwards on purpose and landed onto a cake during one her performances. The stunt was cool enough, but Katy Perry had trouble standing up afterwards. The moments of her trying to return to her feet were pretty embarrassing.
Jennifer Lawrence trips
Jennifer Lawrence seems real due to the fact that she is just as clumsy as the rest of us. She has fallen in public many, many, many times and it only makes us like her more. Although she would probably benefit from taking more careful steps in the future!
Sofia Vergara's dress splits
This wardrobe malfunction shocked the world when it happened on Ellen, with Sofia Vergara having her bottom exposed due to an accidental rip in her dress. Ellen was quick to make fun of Sofia in a friendly way to relieve the tension that this awkward moment created.
Nicole Richie does something terribly weird
Who is to even possibly say what was going through Nicole Richie's mind, but the cameras were there to make sure we never forget this weird and existentially embarrassing moment. I'm sure even Nicole herself could agree that this was too far.
Kanye West walks just like the rest of us
Kanye West replicated one of the most human mistakes imaginable when he walked into an obstacle on the street. This music icon walked straight into a post, and would have gotten away with it if it weren't for those pesky cameras.
Melanie Griffith would never watch Fifty Shades of Grey.
This one might have been taken a little bit out of context, but it was pretty funny when Melanie Griffith told an interviewer that she wouldn't even consider watching Fifty Shades of Grey. This is funny when you consider that her daughter is the leading lady of the film!


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