Phone Thief Texts Girl's Brother To Ask For Password, Gets Hilariously Trolled

Kylie Perry August 30th 2017 Humor
We've all had that moment of panic when we think our phone (the object our entire life revolves around) has gone missing. And then there are some of us that have had the unfortunate experience of actually having it stolen. But could you imagine a thief seriously reaching out to your contacts to get your password? Talk about brazen! Here's what happened when a protective brother is the one this creep decided to reach out to...
The definition of hubris
Our hero in this story is a Reddit user who goes by the name of thelowflyingowl -- his sister was the apparent victim of a phone theft. "Yesterday I get this text from a strange number [so] I give my sister a quick call to make sure it is not her and effectively realize someone is fishing through her contacts or documents to get her password," he explained. Although it's unclear how this jerk managed to even access the sister's contacts on her locked phone, there are some apps that allow anyone, including criminals, to do just that.
Luckily, this girl's brother had the common sense to make sure that was the case and once he knew it wasn't her, well come on - let's not get mad, let's get even! "I was bored," claims thelowflyingowl, "so I say to myself, why not have some fun. We will never get the phone back, but what the heck, might as well kill some time." He's right - even though getting the phone back seemed like a lost cause, why not teach this guy a lesson?
Everyone loves a good troll
It's pretty impressive how a few text exchanges could get the thief to realize that HE was about to become the victim himself. And that should make us realize that the power of communication, whether real or fake, is something that we can't deny. If someone is determined to get something, the will to succeed often prevails -- just not in this case.
Hiding behind the disguise of a text message can also mislead the gullible to do the wrong thing. In this scenario, we have thief who attempted to trick someone in order to get what he needed. What he didn't expect was to text someone who confided that if this is a prank, then he'd better turn himself in before it's too late. Lucky enough for this theft victim, her brother ended up being the prankster and ultimately lead to the return of her cell phone to the authorities.
The end result is all that matters
Was it a moment of guilt, or did this phone thief actually think he was in danger? Maybe it was karma, but at least this story had a happy ending. More often than not, we assume that the people on the other end of a text, email, snap, etc. are exactly who they say they are, but with this conversation, there was deception on both ends. If the thief had picked someone else on the contact list, maybe the sister would have lost more than her phone.
Sadly, identity theft runs rampant these days, and this story shows just how easy it can be to access private information. Not everyone would think to confirm a suspicious text message like that brother did. Hopefully, his sister will keep better track of her phone in the future, but we should all be so lucky to have a bored and crafty older brother - nicely done!
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