Girl Quits Her Job at Subway After Getting Yelled at For Doing This To a Homeless Person

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Ian Anglin October 3rd 2017 Inspiration
This is an intriguing story about a former employee at Subway, that was placed in a delicate situation after a homeless person entered their local shop, and had a problem paying for his Subway sandwich. I took a look at the screenshots of the texts, and I'm very glad how the situation worked out at the end, and I think we can all learn a lesson from what happened that day. Scroll down for more info.
She Worked at Subway
The girls' name was Savannah, and she worked at Subway for a couple of months. At one point a homeless guy entered their shop, and couldn't find more than $10 in his pocket, at which point he frantically started searching his other pockets.
This is a Big Business
Fast food is a multibillion-dollar industry, with hefty margins for all involved (except for the service people down at the register, of course). You would have thought they would cut the guy some slack, but that is not what happened that day.
He is Trying to Find $10
After several moments of searching his pockets, nothing comes out. The boss gets agitated, and Savannah starts to get worried how to get the homeless person out of this situation. She's thinking in the right direction, and what happens neck is very heartwarming.
He Wanted to Leave
It was 115F outside, and he wanted to leave since he couldn't pay for his sandwich and get a table. She intervened and told him to stay, and that she'll get everything sorted out - even if that means paying out of her pocket.
She Paid Out of her Own Pocket
Finally, she decided to shell out $10 and charged her own credit card at the terminal - without applying any sort of employee discount or other benefits - just like a regular person would pay for their meal, yet this wasn't enough to stop her from getting trouble.
The Boss Yelled at Her
After the whole ordeal was done, the boss had a talk with her in his office, at which point he yelled at her, asking why would she be paying for the customers' food - this is a business and not a charity, so why would she do such a thing?
She Quit Her Job
Naturally, after being yelled at for doing one of the best deeds one can do, she quit her job and never looked back. I think everyone deserves to be humble at work and do his or her own thing - there is no point in staying at a place if it breaks your spirit like this.
The Homeless Guy Won
It's great to know that the person got their sandwich at the end, and didn't have to starve outside in 115-degree weather. They were also dehydrated and probably had barely slept in the past few days, so this was a good change of pace for them.
Soulless Industry
As capitalism ever grows stronger, we have to fear what the future will become. Every year humanity losses to money and technology and this is not the direction the world should be taking. If things are this bad today, how are they going to be in 10 years, or 20 years time?
America Was Better Than This
Not only America but also WE were better than this. People of all classes used to go the church to give donations to help the poor and homeless, business used to collect unused food to donate to shelters, and I believe we can achieve this again.
19th Century Believes about the Future
People in the 19th century used to believe that once steam engines achieve mass production, and electricity is available to everyone, that we would be working 3-4 days a week, for just 4 hours daily. They believed automation would enhance the workplace.
Increased Automation Should be of Benefit
The workplace never improved, in fact, it only stayed the same, and for money, it even got worse. Farms got replaced by factories, which they themselves got replaced by low paying service industry jobs. You think things change, but they don't.
Everyone has an iPhone
The weird thing is, due to how factory automation works, everyone today can have a smartphone in their pocket, with power previous generations can only dream of. There is so much potential in all this, but this potential somehow gets... (Continued below)
The Lost Potential
It simply gets lost in all the noise. It makes no difference if you have 2 Terraflops of performance in your pocket if you're still stuck in a menial job earning a minimum wage. Where is the prosperity people were promised decades ago?
Things are Going to Improve
Every century in the history of humanity was better than the previous. Alright, maybe not in the dark ages, but they didn't last for too long right? I'm a firm believer that once the current phase phases, we'll finally enter the promised era of prosperity for everyone, and freedom from the 8-hour work week.


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