15 Common Things Almost All Women Do After A Breakup

Couldn't be more true.
Gigi Cummings October 2nd 2017 Lifestyle
Breakups suck. For everyone. They are messy and emotional and they totally put your life in a tailspin. We all have aspects of breakups that are especially hard for us, whether it is not having someone to watch your favorite shows with, or now having to go stag to your best friends wedding. And we all have ways or dealing with breakups as well. Nights out with the girls dancing, joining all the dating apps at once, sweat pants and a couple bottles of wine while crying to a good rom com. Some are acceptable and some are just strange, but you gotta do what you gotta do to get through.
Social Media Stalking
You delete him from all of your social media accounts, you make sure to put that distance between you two so that you can move on. But that doesn't mean you still don't know how to check in on him using your friends friends linkedin account.
Post Breakup Partying
You gotta move on, and you don't want to sit around sulking in your misery. So you go out with your friends and get a bit wild. When you have hit the bottle a little too hard all night, by the end you have found yourself in some random guys bed, drunk texting your ex.
Talking Sh*t
After a breakup you are hurting inside, no matter how strong you are trying to be about it all. We all process feelings differently and some people can put on a defensive front when they are in pain. Don't talk crap about your ex, its just not classy.
Artistic Expression
You are feeling so many feelings after you and your beau split up. You can't seem to get out all of the emotions bubbling up inside of you so you decide to pursue some creative endeavors. you draw, paint, write poems, knit sweaters and origami your way back to happiness.
Reinventing Your Image
When you go through a life changing event like a breakup, sometimes you want to just go out with the old and in with the new. Lots of women will dye their hair, sell their clothes, change their jobs and make big moves in their life to start anew.
Showing Off You're Doing OK
Sometimes you just have to fake it until you make it when it comes breakups. You go out making sure you look hot and take pictures having fun with your friends to post on social media even if you cried earlier than day, at least it help you feel better in the moment.
Getting The Travel Bug
When you are finally free from a failing relationship, you want to spread the freedom across the globe. You buy a plane ticket to somewhere exotic, deck yourself out in vacation attire, and you get yourself some TLC from somewhere far away.
Movie Marathon
Often after a breakup you want to feel like you can relate to someone about how you are feeling. You marathon romantic movies in order to live vicariously through the character love and loss, then you don't feel so alone in it all.
Let The Music Move You
Music has a direct connection to our emotions. Music can bring back memories and move us to tears, it can get the vibe going and also set a sexy mood. Its no surprise we turn to music to help us feel our feelings and heal our hearts during a breakup.
Friendship Therapy
Your friends are your rock, your backbone, they are there for you in your time of need and a breakup is the ultimate time of need. You need rehash the drama over and over again to get through it and your friends are there to help go over every detail.
Feed Your Feelings
After a breakup your relationship with food can change, you could use it as a crutch and jump on the junk food train to help you feel batter. Of get on a health food kick to help you feel like you are able to control something in your life.
Holding On To The Past
Sometimes after a messy breakup, you just don't want to let go. So you convince yourself that you are totally fine and you should be friends with your ex, and you may even dabble in the idea of being the cool girl and being friends with benefits. This doesn't usually work out well in the end.
Lashing Out At Your Ex
After a messy breakup, things can stay heated for a while. You begin to go over in your mind what you should have said and what you wish you could say, so you get a little tipsy and send a text full of harsh realities about your ex that won't help the situation at all.
A Change Of Scenery
After feeling trapped in a relationship that is ending and then going through an emotional breakup, the only thing that you feel like you could do is pack up everything and just move to somewhere totally new, maybe even change your name.
You Never Know What The Future Holds
The best thing to do is to let the past be the past, but that doesn't mean the people can't change and develop a whole new future for each other. If you meet up again post breakup and you both have become whole new people, is it really like going back to your ex?


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