Wendy Williams' Husband Supposedly Got Caught Cheating Again

Cole Damon October 2nd 2017 Entertainment
It's become a running gag now and frankly, has lost the impact it once had over us. Wendy Williams' husband has once again been caught cheating with another woman. What surprised us however is the fact that it wasn't just a brief fling which the tabloid media would write off, it was (and is) a fully fledged love affair which has an almost 10 year old history.
Wendy is in denial as usual
Wendy Williams has always supported her husband's cheating scandals. Sometimes she outright denies them, preferring to ignore all rumors as hearsay or going so far as to positively acknowledge his extramarital affairs. "I stand by my guy" says Wendy, "You can believe what you want."
Wendy says it improves their relationship
The allegations actually serve to increase their marriage, according to Wendy's own words! Why would she go out of her way to save Kevin's skin? We're all perplexed! Because usually women throw up a tantrum and seek immediate separation from cheating partners.
Kevin's girlfriend
Kevin Hunter was looking for a massage when he found therapist Sharina Hudson. The couple got so hooked up with each other that Kevin even purchased a quiet suburban house for her just NINE miles away from Wendy William's mansion.
DailyMail has been stalking the couple
The old blokes at DailyMail have broken all records of creepiness and paparazzi stalking levels, tracking Kevin Hunter's ever move. It's like they're those wildlife watchers from National Geographic, keenly observing the animals in their natural habitat. Except they're human and not animals!
Kevin Hunter has been known to harass women at the workplace
The talent booker on their show The Wendy Williams Experience, Nicole Spencea sued both Wendy and Kevin for sexual harassment in 2008. "Throughout my employment, Kevin subjected me to sexual harassment, telling me of his desire to f*ck me during work". The lawsuit was settled out of court however.
Through thick and thin
Wendy and Kevin are completely ensnared into each other's laps. It's as if Kevin's constant state of brief flings has zero impact on Wendy's romantic life. They were recently photographed walking around beaches in bikinis and shorts enjoying each other's companies.
A past marred with controversy
When Wendy Williams congratulated Evelyn Lozada and Carl Crawford for having their baby together, this is what she had to say, "Evelyn gave birth to a cash register... I mean, a baby boy with her fiancé." Indirectly accusing Evelyn being a gold digger.
But Evelyn did get back at Wendy
Evelyn was fuming over the treatment she received at the hands of Wendy and decided she would avenge all of this debilitating humiliation. Of course, Evelyn had got her sweet revenge on Twitter, what she did next may shock you!
Here's her response
The offhanded remark was not lost on the Basketball Wives star, who fired back on Twitter by claiming that Kevin stopper by her Miami boutique to pick up expensive footwear which was "definitely for another woman." Poking fun at the fact that Kevin was a renowned womanizer.
Digging deeper into the extramarital affair
DailyMail has poked around the private residence of Sharina and snapped pictures of the two love birds entering and leaving together. "They go to the gym together, they go to the restaurant together as if they're a normal couple."
Goes back home like nothing happened
Kevin then returns back to his wife the next day as if nothing untoward happened. It's almost as if he doesn't care about the consequences of his actions. Or maybe he believes he has the whole situation 'under cover'. But the Daily Mail was onto him!
3 to 4 times a week
Kevin and Sharina spend as much as 3 to 4 times a week together in that apartment which is only nine miles away from Wendy's home. Nine miles can be cut up short in a couple of minutes if you travel by a car.
Wendy has to catch up by now right?
This makes us wonder. Exactly why hasn't Wendy caught on to her husband's swindles? When the entire internet is screaming, "Cheater", she feigns ignorance as if her husband is not getting 'action' from elsewhere. It stands to reason that she's purposely ignoring his activites.
Further evidence of his activity
According to various photographs floating around the internet, the mailbox situated outside the house has letters featuring both Sharina's name and Kevin's. We now have damning evidence of the two love birds in action, and we wouldn't put it past DailyMail to release a video footage of the two walking together.
She's burying her head in the sand
How long will Wendy continue to brush this affair under the rug? Either way we hope that both Kevin and Wendy Williams end up having happy lives. Whether the two like each other should be none of our business anyways.


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