College Roommates Figure Out Why They Feel A Strange Connection In Shocking Discovery

Kylie Perry August 30th 2017 Weird
Roaya and Nissma met through a mutual friend and realized that they had a ton in common. For starters, both girls were Moroccan and both were born in Canada. It didn't take long for them to become best friends, but a few months later something totally crazy happened -- on FaceTime! It all went down when the girls decided to become roommates. You won't believe the amazing connection Roaya and Nissma uncovered. Continue on to read their story!
Roaya and Nissma pretty much became besties instantly
A mutual friend of Roaya and Nissma felt as though the two would get along great. Since they went to the same college, the friend decided to have the girls meet. "[My friend and Nissma] both went to the same summer camp in New York together, and throughout the whole thing, she said this girl totally reminded her of me," Roaya explained.
Roaya and Nissma's friendship was almost instant. A few months later, the two girls decided to become roommates. Nissma's dad came to the campus to help his daughter settle in and Roaya decided to call her mom on FaceTime so that their parents could "meet." Upon hearing Roaya's mom's name and seeing her on FaceTime, something clicked for Nissma's dad. He recognized Roaya's mom -- his wife, Nissma's mother, had been best friends with her back in the day! And it gets even better.
Roaya and Nissma had playdates together when they were babies
Roaya and Nissma actually have tons of photos together from when they were just babies! Their moms would hang out and take them for walks and what not -- so both girls have actually known each other for years and years! It turns out, their moms lost touch when they moved to the United States. Apparently, Roaya's mom had been thinking a lot about Nissma's mom and had tried to find her on Facebook for quite some time -- but with no luck.
Meanwhile, for much of their lives, the girls were told about each other by their mothers. They just had no idea that they would meet in such a bizarre, random way when they were in college! "I was screaming and jumping and screaming some more. What are the odds that that could happen?" Roaya said. The way in which they all reconnected is just so random -- but so awesome. But this story isn't over yet ...
Their moms plan to reconnect soon
Roaya and Nissma's moms were so close at one point, that Roaya's mom actually named Nissma's sister! The two women must have been talking about the new baby and Roaya's mom suggested a name that Nissma's mom really liked. "My sister's name came from one of my mom's best friends," Nissma said, but she didn't know who and she had never met her mom's friend -- until recently!
The girls have gotten their moms back in touch with one another and the two old friends have been talking again. "They've been talking and plan to meet up over summer," Roaya said. You can call it coincidence, you can call it fate, or you can even call it a miracle. The bottom line is that these people were meant to be in each other's lives and there is absolutely no doubt that these friendships are going to last a lifetime!


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