15 Reasons Why You Probably Have Trust Issues

Ian Anglin December 21st 2017 Lifestyle
If you have ever typed in "trust" into a Google search, you have probably noticed what the first result is about - it is about "trust issues." That means that if you have trust issues when dealing with your relationship partner, family, or friends, that doesn't mean that you are alone. There are millions of people in the world who are going through the same things as you are. This article was specifically written to help you in dealing with those issues.
You Trust People Too Quickly
One of the easiest ways how a person develops trust issues is that they jump too quickly into trusting other people. When you meet someone new, you first need to spend something hanging out with them, to see if they are trustable.
You Trust the Wrong People
When a person's sense of trust is not "calibrated" properly (as is the case with people with trust issues), they can easily do the opposite thing, by placing their trust with people they shouldn't hang out with, while not trusting the people that want to help out.
You Predict How Others Will Betray You
A lot of people with trust issues have a bad habit that worsens their ability to trust other people. The habit is that some people always try to think of ways of how other people are going to betray them or do something bad to them.
Sharing Isn't Caring
Some people with trust issues have a hard time opening up to other people. Sometimes, not opening up can be a good thing - it is better to take your time and open to the right person than to give away your vulnerabilities to someone who may mean harm.
Your Relationships Are Going to Be Shallow
When a person has deep-rooted trust issues, that can make their relationships with other people (including loved one) to be stilted. The reason is that if you don't trust your partner, you won't be able to properly communicate with them.
Emotional Commitment Issues
Another byproduct of having trust issues is that you will also have emotional commitment issues. If you cannot openly talk to your partner about your feelings, it is going to be very difficult to be able to emotionally commit to another person.
Seeing Mistakes as Breaches of Trust
A person with trust issues is probably going to be anxious as well. When you are anxious, you could have a hard time telling apart ordinary, genuine mistakes and real breaches of trust. That's because being anxious is a state of mind that amplifies all the emotions you are currently feeling, including fear.
Others See You as Impossible to Please
Another way you can tell that you might be having trust issues is if other people see you as impossible to please, or as being too self-righteous. Another way trust issues can manifest is if you are unforgiving and are known to hold a grudge for long periods of time.
You Feel Lonely and Isolated
Another byproduct of living for long periods of time with lingering trust issues is that you won't form deep connections with the people around you. Because of that, you may feel lonely and isolated even if you have friends around you.
Feeling Depression and Despair
An even worse symptom than feeling lonely and isolated is to constantly feel despair and in some cases even depression. The reason for that is that no person is capable of functioning normally if they are anxious or lonely for extended periods of time.
You Are Scared When New People Enter Your Life
A symptom of feeling anxious or having trust issues is that you might always feel slightly scared when a new person enters your life. While you don't have to fully trust people you don't know, being scared of new friendships is a sign of having trust issues.
Having Control Issues
An interesting way how trust issues can manifest themselves is that you always need to control your group of friends when you are out. The reason why people with trust issues want to control everything is that that is the only way they can feel secure in their environment.
Not Having Who to Talk You When You Are Emotionally Down
If you spend long periods of time with trust issues, then there is a high probability that you won't have any close friend who you feel at ease with to have a conversation when you are emotionally down or otherwise depressed.
You Are Skeptical of New Relationships
When you form a relationship with a new person, you might feel skeptical about the relationship's future or whether the person you are with is the right one for you. You might even feel like there is no right person for you in the world.
You Regret Trusting Other People
You might have trust issues if you have ever felt instant regret after deciding to trust a new person in your life. You will know that you have defeated your trust issues if you can decide to trust someone, and then just let things be.


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