Deaf Man Left In Tears After Neighborhood Surprises Him In Heartwarming Moment

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Most companies care about nothing other than their own bottom line, which often leads to some pretty unethical behavior all in the name of profits. However, Samsung helped make an ad some time ago that promoted a message bigger than simply selling the most phones. Of course, making an ad like this was probably good for its own bottom line, but we can all appreciate this beautiful gesture made by the company to promote a lack of barriers. When you see the video at the end of this slideshow, you will be in tears.
The entire neighborhood was in on it.
A deaf man was moved to tears after learning that his neighborhood had learned sign language just for him to promote the heartwarming message: 'A world without barriers is our dream'. They had learned a whole new language just to be able to speak to him!
The stunt went down without a hitch.
The man in question, Muharrem, was secretly filmed encountering strangers in heartwarming stunt. His surprise turned to bewilderment as more and more people kept signing to him. These people included a shopkeeper, taxi driver and even an electronic billboard flashing at him.
It was filmed for an ad
The ad promoted the message: 'A world without barriers is our dream'. Muharrem was unwittingly placed at the centre of an elaborate stunt in which he was secretly filmed encountering a host of strangers in a series of staged meetings through Istanbul.
Here's the setup.
Deaf man Muharrem sets out for the day with his sister totally unaware he is being filmed for an advert in which he will encounter a host of strangers who have learned sign language so they can communicate with him.
Let's see how it starts.
The footage begins with him setting out for the day with his sister Ozlem, who is in on the set-up. What seems like a normal day is quickly shown to be anything but. Before long, Muharrem is taken aback when he encounters a stranger who signs 'good morning' to him.
It just keeps going on.
Before long, Muharrem is taken aback when he encounters a stranger who signs 'good morning' to him. The stunt, which took a month to prepare, saw the volunteers learn a few select sign language phrases for their various chosen roles.
The shopkeeper signs to him.
On a visit to his food store in Istanbul, the shopkeeper unexpectedly advertises his wares with hand signals. After the stranger happened to sign 'good morning' to him, the shopkeeper offered him 'hot bagels' through hand signals, further intensifying his surprise.
And then a seemingly random stranger signs too.
Another encounter involved a stranger dropping a bag of fruit. When Muharrem bent to help pick them up, the man offered him an apple to thank him. The kicker? He offered it in sign language. If he wasn't surprised before, Muharrem definitely was now.
A strange woman too!
He barely has time to take in the surprise caused by the stranger he helped. And then a woman bumps into him accidentally. Or at least, he thought it was accidental. We know she bumped into him on purpose, before signing: 'Sorry, my mistake.'
But wait, there's more!
Muharrem's day of surprises is still far from over! Later, the shock is clear on his face when a taxi driver welcomes him into the car with sign language. You can almost see his brain trying to work out just what was happening to him.
The final flourish arrives.
In a final flourish, Samsung, which organised the commercial, arranges for an electronic advertising board to communicate with him, offering the heartwarming message: 'A world without barriers is our dream as well.' Definitely a message to bring the tears to anyone's eyes.
The shoe finally drops.
A friend finally pointed out one of the dozens of cameras set up around the area to reveal the stunt. This was when Muharrem's emotions reached a climax, and he was moved to tears. This seemingly ordinary morning was anything but!
The stunt was prepared by Samsung.
The stunt, which took a month to prepare, was organized by mobile phone company Samsung. It was part of a campaign to promote its call centre for the hearing impaired. A worthy cause indeed, with an ambitious and heartwarming campaign to match.
The video goes viral.
The video was viewed more than three million times in just the few days following its being posted on video sharing site YouTube. Muharrem hugged the participants who took part in the video which has been more than three million times.
It serves an important lesson.
It's important to help make the world become a more level playing field for everyone participating in the game of life. Some people are born with fewer advantages, and it's up to the more privileged ones of us to help make the system more accommodating to them as well.
Here is the Video:


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