Here Are What The Patterns On Your Palms Can Say About Your Health And Your Future

Do YOU have it?
Cole Damon October 2nd 2017 Lifestyle
We've always been intrigued by the unknown. Attributing supernatural elements to them whenever we run out of logical reasoning. For instance, some civilizations would attribute rain to gods fighting amongst themselves and lightning would be taken as a sign of the anger of a deity. But science explained to us that lightning and rain are both completely explainable phenomena and actually have vast libraries of books dedicated to explaining them.
The patterns on our hands
Our hands have these unique patterns, which vary from individual to individual. Sometimes they carry unique symbols, letters and numbers which some will have us believe narrate unique stories. Palmists - people who claim to foretell the future by reading the palm - believe that our palms dictate our fate.
These are attempts to deceive us
The world of astrologers, palm readers, future tellers and similar tricksters is full of promises, but they don't really deliver much at all. The truth is that our palms don't really say anything of substance at all, they're simply random lines on our palms, forging creases and indents in the belly of our mothers.
The mystery behind mark X
A reported 3% of the human population is 'gifted' with this unique mark. Stretch out your palm and check out for any signs of the letter 'X' and these swindlers will have you believe that you're the chosen one or something.
Broken promises and empty dreams
It's all an illusion they concoct to fill their coffers! The only good thing their promises have done is to steal money out from your 'palms'. It is a documented fact that magicians and other tricksters seek money from their victims.
So what do the lines really mean?
Do they mean how strong you are? How weak you are? Which girl you'll marry? Which guy you'll fall in love with? How much money you'll score? The truth is that they don't really say anything meaningful at all. They're just lines on a palm guys!
The truth really is boring!
The truth is often boring, stripped of all the shock and awe of what falsehood can promise. The reality is that these lines mean nothing. But most people will try to have you believe otherwise, cashing in on their naivety.
All of this is a fa├žade
One only needs to open up YouTube and search "James Randi" for some entertaining videos of the old guy exposing various 'performers' who claim to know the occult and paranormal. Watching his videos actually make us feel a little sympathy for the charlatans he exposes.
He lured them in with a price tag of a million bucks
His challenge - perform one simple magic trick and bag a price of $1 million. Now that is a lot of money. It can help you may your mortgage bills, get you a brand new car and even help finance your own business.
James Randi has yet to give the $1 million away
Alas - the prize money sits all alone, without a soul born yet to collect. It seems James Randi will have to do all the spending himself. Many suitors tried to trick James out of his million bucks, but none succeeded.
There's always a logical reason behind everything
There was always an explanation behind their schemes; it was usually sleight of hand tricks or other behind-the-scene machinations. It all comes down to the power of science which has the power to expose fraudsters for who they really are.
People are searching for their loved ones
These psychics and palm readers claim to know the secrets of the unseen and swindle people out of their money. It is an age old myth that the lines on our palm have something secret to tell us. They don't!
Desperate victims are usually searching for lost family members
Their victims, who often don't know any better, dish out hundreds of thousands of dollars to know whereabouts of their lost ones, sometimes searching for their daughters, sometimes searching for their spouse. They would do anything to search for their loved ones.
But these promises are in vain
The promises don't really deliver. In the end they're designed to steal money away from their coffers into the pockets these 'magicians' who become millionaires. What shocks us is that none of these tricksters have any empathy in their hearts and continue to lie when confronted.
Oldest trick in the books
It's the oldest trick in the book. Play with their fears, aspirations, goals in life, love and then manipulate it for your own gain. Your palms tell you no story. The "X" mark might make you among the rare 3% of people who have it, but beyond that it doesn't say much. Be smart. Be reasonable.
What about the research they carried out?
Yes - they all have their own research and studies - backed up by 'scientists' no less - about how the "X" mark or some other symbol contains the answer to life's deepest darkest secrets. But no - they don't. Remember, if it's too good to be true, then it usually is.


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