The 'Most Beautiful Girl In The World' Has Grown Up And Here Are The Photos

She has grown up remarkably well!
Emily Malone October 2nd 2017 Entertainment
About a decade ago a very young model made waves across the fashion world when she appeared in Vogue, along with other prominent publications. The modeling industry has been under fire for years for the unrealistic body standards it projects for women and the hypersexualization of its models from a young age, and it is up for debate whether children should even be in this industry at all. There was a lot of discussion around this when 'the world's most beautiful girl' first began to appear about whether this was a safe space for her at such a young age, but the beautiful young girl disappeared from the public eye before the conversation got far along. Leaving many to wonder, what does she look like now?
Who Is She?
Her name is Thylane Blondeau and she was born in France. At an amazingly young 10 years old Thylane was featured in Vogue, the international powerhouse magazine that is considered to be the deciding factor in high fashion around the world.
Her Career Began Early
Her appearance in Vogue was hardly her first step into the fashion world. Thylane began her career at only 4 years old. It is possible that her entry into the modeling world was so early because of the fame of her parents.
French Actress Mother Véronika Loubry
Thylane's mother is the beautiful French actress Véronika Loubry. Loubry began her career in the early 1990s and has since gone on to star in several TV shows and Movies. She has had a successful career and even won the MCM award for Best Cable and Satellite Channel Host.
French Soccer Player Father Patrick Blondeau
Her father is also French from Marseille, a famous soccer player named Patrick Blondeau, whose last name Thylane also has. These two famous parents were in the spotlight in France and their notoriety probably made it easier for Thaylane to break into the modeling world because they had all of the right contacts.
Controversy Surrounding VOGUE Cover
Despite this being far from the first time Thylane was in the public eye her Vogue cover caused a huge splash. Many child advocacy groups were in uproar over her image but this was hardly a new things, child models have always been a controversial part of the modeling industry.
What Are The Impacts Of Modeling On Children?
The concerns were because she was so young many people were worries about the impact the shoot may have on her after growing up. Many think that childhood is too young to be exposed to such a demanding industry and could hurt the young models.
Oversexualized Childhood?
The photos in vogue caused such an uproar because people thought that Thylane was too young for the photos and she looked too sexualized. Vogue went under harsh scrutiny for this and so were Thylane's parents for letting this photoshoot happen in the first place.
Thylane's Mother Was Surprised Too
Loubry, Thylene's mother, was also surprised by the photoshoot but not for the same reasons as the child advocacy groups... She was instead shocked by how expensive the necklace Thylane was wearing was, reportedly worth 3 million Euros.
However, Her Mother Is Not Worried About Thylane's Career's Impact
Her mom brushed off the rest of the commentary about Thylane's feature in Vogue. She claims that she has actually turned down most of the work offered to Thylane to let her daughter have a more normal life while still growing up.
Thylane Still In The Modeling Game
Despite the controversy around her appearance in Vogue she continues to model today. She has been featured in many major brands campaigns and is a popular and sought out model. Thylane actually has even landed the huge role as face of L'Oreal.
She Has Expanded Into Instagram
Like the true millennial she is Thylane is a master of social media, with a following of over a 1.5 million on Instagram. The french model is quite active on the site usually posting at least a couple photos a week that each usually receive over 100k likes.
Thylane Has Also Dabbled In Film
She has also tested out acting as a career possibility, playing the lead role of Gabrielle in the 2015 movie "Belle & Sebastian: The Adventure Continues." Apparently one of her goals is to pursue her acting career further and be an actress like her mother.
Her Favorite Part Of The Gig? Clothes!
Back around the time of her movie's release in 2015 Thylane had an interview with Teen Vogue about her favorite parts of her career. Thylane said what almost any teenage girl would say, which is that she loves the clothes!
What Does She Think Of Her Young Start?
Thylane also brushes aside the commentary from some that she may have began her modeling career too young. She is on record as saying "If you have a good agency and people who take care of you... it's perfect."
Still Beautiful, And She's Got Her Priorities Straight
Now 16 years old Thylane has an unusual lifestyle, that takes her to exciting events like Paris Fashion Week, but she's really a normal girl. She said in her 2015 interview with TeenVogue that her priorities are still finishing school, not overworking, and enjoying her teen years with friends.


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