Children Leave Innocent Puppy To Die, But Something Miraculously Happens

Pascal, a stray puppy from Turkey, was at the wrong place at the wrong time, when two twisted children started torturing the helpless dog.
Cole Damon October 2nd 2017 Entertainment
Children can sometimes do some unspeakable things in the sheer spirit of having fun. Sometimes their fun can result in the inhuman torture of innocent little animals. One such case was discovered in Turkey, and it is quite a heart-wrenching one. When we, as animal lovers, hear about the mistreatment of animals, and that too of baby animals, it makes us wonder as to why someone would want to hurt an innocent little baby animal.
Children at Play
Some children, in Istanbul, found a new plaything in the form of a little puppy. Naturally, the puppy would have been an ideal playmate; however, the children took the torturous route instead of the playful one, this time.
The Horrendous Act
While the children may or may not be to blame for this torture, it is certain that the po little animal was treated quite badly. Instead of playing nice, the children decided to torture it, by various different methods.
Gluing the Poor Baby
Using industrial strength glue, the children applied it all over the poor animal's fur, essentially covering it in the glue. Then they stuck dirt and twigs all over the animals, giving it a prickly and uncomfortable coat of painful items.
The State of the Dog
Eventually the glue dried out, slowly rendering the puppy motionless. In fact, when it was found, the authorities who rescued him reported that he could only move its tongue, with the rest of the body being glued stiff and solid.
A Painful Situation
The dog was in a world of pain, as can be imagined. The skin of the puppy was burned and damaged due to the chemicals, and the fur was almost completely ripped off from the glue. It was a sad scene.
Covered in Plants and Twigs
The poor pooch, after being covered in glue, was then showered in twigs and various vegetation, to have it resemble a coat of sorts. It is not known whether the children actually stuck all the twigs to the skin of the puppy though.
Chemical Burns
The burns on the skin of the poor puppy were as a result of the chemicals which it was covered in. Industrial glue in known to be quite corrosive to skin, and can result in severe skin damage to babies and baby animals.
Raw, Open Wounds
In addition to the chemical burns, the glue, as a result of the strength of the chemical, has caused severe wounding as well, in some areas. There was also mild bleeding as a result, and doctors had to work extensively for this.
Rescued Just in Time
By some miracle perhaps, the puppy was found just in time and reported in. Immediately authorities jumped into action and the puppy was taken to the He'Art of Rescue hospital inside Istanbul, Turkey; where doctors performed several treatments on the dog.
The Extent of Treatments
The poor little puppy had to get shaved fully, in order to remove all the glue from its skin. It was then treated for the wounds it had suffered as a result of the chemicals. The doctors were very thorough at the hospital.
Finally, after all the long and extensive hours in treatment, the puppy recovered fully. The fur grew back and the wounds on the skin healed sufficiently. The energy also came back and the zest for life, which never stopped, made a comeback!
Found a Forever Home
Eventually the pupper was put up for adoption, and subsequently adopted by a family in Spain, who have given the little guy a new lease on life. The puppy is now quite healthy and has had all of his former energy return to him.
Enjoys Long Runs on the Beach
The puppy that was left to die by a couple of bad children is now fully recovered and loves to exert some of that youthful energy during long walks and runs on the beach. Play time is his favorite thing now, after the full recovery!
All Grown Up and Strong Now
The puppy may actually not be a puppy anymore, since he has now grown up and become a big, powerful dog. However, he has still not lost any of that youthful energy that made him so well known worldwide.
Found a Friend!
Best news of all; he now has a friend to play with, and the duo have become the best of friends. Their friendship is testament to the recovery that the pup has undergone! We wish the little boy all the best, and the happiest life!


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