Love vs Lust: Here Are Some Illustrations Thay Explain The Differences

Does he/she actually love you or does he/she just want you for sex?
Gigi Cummings October 2nd 2017 Lifestyle
When we are in love we think with our hearts, everything about the other person is perfect, we overlook their flaws and see the perfectness in their imperfection. We find them sexy in every way possible. When we are in lust, we think with the little brains in our pants, we are infatuated with the other person and therefor look past all their red flag personality traits. We find them sexy in every way because we can't get sex off out mind. But there is a huge difference between ever lasting love, and temporary lust.
Every Part Of The Relationship Is Physical
When two people are full of lust, every aspect of their relationship is about sex, the big bonding emotional things are put on the back burner because sex is top priority. In love, people will go through every aspect of life, even the ugly hard parts.
Physical Attraction Is The Most Important Trait
If you are in a relationship and you feel the need to have to always dress up to the nines no matter what, and if you are not looking your physical best you might lose the other person, this is lust. Love is blind they say, and love looks inside of someone not just outside.
You Idolize The Other Person
When you are in love you don't ignore the other persons faults, you accept them, embrace them and appreciate them for who they are. When in lust you just turn a blind eye because you don't want to ruin any of the sexual tension.
You Don't Have A Friendship
A strong relationship is based on a solid friendship. That is the backbone to any true love. If two people go straight for the sex without developing any sort of emotional connection then all they are after is lust and it will be a short lived relationship.
You Don't Truly Know The Other Person
When you are spending all of your time together tangled up in the sheets, you don't really have much quality time to get to truly know the other person. People in love will take the time to get to know every little detail and quirk about the other person.
You Feel Insecure In Sharing Yourself
It is scary to share all of yourself with another person you are intimate with. You won't mind revealing your true heart to someone you are in love with, but someone where it is just lust, you will tend to keep yourself private to avoid being hurt.
Intimacy And Sex
Lustful sex can be extremely satisfying, fun and thrilling. But It is usually void of connection. Sex between two people in love is elevated into a different place of intimacy and connection, it is less about the physical act and more about each other.
Lack Of Commitment
When two people are in a lustful relationship, some of the spark lies in the idea that it might end at any moment, you cant get enough of each other because tomorrow together isn't promised. Security in love and true commitment bring two people closer.
There Is No Future
The spontaneous factor of a lustful relationship can be fun at first, but the unknowing of what the future may bring can put a halt on romance. Love means making plans for the future together and being excited to share it with one another.
True Beauty
This comic portrays the difference between true beauty in comparison between a relationship based on love and a relationship based on lust. Love can be so much more relaxing and comfortable! Who doesn't love sweat pants.
The Best Of Both Worlds
This cartoon demonstrates how while lust gives all the sex and romance, love brings both the comfort and relaxation of intimacy as well as all of that juicy sexy, toe curling, hair pulling, rolling around on the bed stuff.
When Someone Really Knows You
When two people are in love they know each other on the deepest of levels and can anticipate each others needs and bring true happiness. In lust, two people just satisfy what is needed to make the other one horny and ready for a night of fun.
You Take Care Of Each Other
It is very sweet when you are out on a date with someone you are sleeping with and they pick up the bill, but it is even sweeter when you are both at home and your beloved goes and kills that gross bug in the bathroom that you are afraid of.
Always On Their Mind
Would you rather be on someone's mind only when you don't have your clothes on? Or would you rather always be on someone's mind when anything funny or cute or awesome pops up in their life and they want to share it with you?
Love And Laughter
What is better than laughing with the person you love? It becomes infectious and everything you two do together can become a full on laugh fest. When in lust, two people might like each others sense of humor but that isn't the point.


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