This Man Found a Creepy, Crawling Creature Coming Out of a Tree He Just Cut

You reap what you sow.
Ian Anglin October 2nd 2017 Weird
An unexpected visitor - a dark, creepy crawling creature that appears to have lived inside the trunk of a tree, recently greeted a man in the US. He just finished cutting the tree when it became apparent that not all everything is going according to the plan. Eyewitnesses caught the weird situation on video, and I am warning you, it is extremely graphic and should not be watched by the faint of heart. You will see the video yourself at the end of this slideshow.
What Is This Inside Of the Tree?
At first, we can hear the man scream in horror as something weird starts moving from inside the trunk of the tree. It has not yet fully emerged, but it is very chilling to watch, as you can see in the above photo.
It's Moving Now!
The creature begins to emerge from the tree and moving eerily slow from side to side. The man keeps recording but takes his distance, as we still don't fully understand what is happening. Is it still alive, and just how long is this thing?
Much Larger Than We Thought
As this thing continues to emerge, you can notice it's not a laughing matter - at this point, it is over a foot long, and there is likely more of it behind. I'm not really sure it is safe to be filming this, I know I wouldn't. Unless I was feeling much more optimistic.
There Have Been Weird Stuff Happening Before
Remember, there are hundreds of varieties of fungi and spores that live within and on trees and other flora. There are all sorts of oddly shaped mushrooms for example, so who knows, maybe this thing is something similar?
White Stuff Around the Trunk
I mean, I am personally not really an outdoors sort of guy, but I have noticed chilling stuff growing in the woods. Take for example the above mass of white spores. Given their small size, they are probably also growing inside the trunk as well.
Still Hanging
To get back to the original story, this thing is still crawling out, now almost being two feet long. The original author of the video slowly tries to get closer and film a better angle. I wonder what happens next.
Emerging On the Grass
What came out of the tree is now supporting itself on the grass, almost standing up in a bizarre way. From some angles, it looks like a snake, although its head was certainly not snake-like, so we will see what happens next.
Crawling Near the Man
It quickly jumped out of the trunk and is now crawling on the grass. The author screams in horror yet again, but does not back up - this guy is determined to go all in and record this thing for all to see.
I Can Hear Hissing
We can now hear a hissing noise in the recording. I am not sure what it is coming from, I think the snake-like creature is doing it. Probably best not to get too close to it, at least that is what I would do in this case.
Twitching and Tangling
It is now starting to twitch and tangle around itself. Notice how it seems to have no head, how is this thing alive? Even worms have heads, albeit miniature ones if you have noticed them in your garden or another place.
There Are MORE
While filming the original beast, the author did not notice that there were a few more creatures coming out the trunk. Here is one smaller thing crawling from the other side of the cut tree. Did he cut more than one tree?
This Shouldn't Be Happening
I know I may be repeating myself in some parts of this article, but damn, I want to know more what these things are. If they are not snakes or worms, then what are they? Moreover, how did it survive in a place like that?
Brain-like Texture
Creepy crawlers are not the only weird thing you can find outside. This guy, for example, noticed a weird brain-like growth on a few branches outside his home. Is this thing weirder than the other pictures? I am not sure I am starting to not like what's happening.
Sometimes cells have to mutate due to outside influence. It's not important whether this mutation was intentional or not - both flora and fauna have evolved ways to battle their ever-changing climate and habitat.
Reading Into Stuff
There is a long history in many regions around the world, of reading into textures inscribed on trees and rocks. While some are man-made (like Mount Rushmore), many have been naturally occurring, created by the sun, water and winds over millennia. Interesting stuff indeed.
Here is the Video:


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