Nanny Donates Part Of Her Liver To Save Toddler She Had Known For Just Weeks

Cole Damon August 4th 2017 Inspiration
22 year old college student, Kiersten Miles was looking for a part time gig during her summer vacations. Her efforts led to a comfortable job as a nanny for nine month old toddler, Talia Rosko. While only a few days into the job, Kiersten learnt that the toddler had a debilitating disease which affects only infants. Talia needed a liver transplant if she hoped to survive.
The nanny does not hesitate to get tested
Without wasting any time, Kiersten volunteered to get tested to see if she could help the toddler. As fate would have it, Kiersten was found to be an exact match for Talia. She decided to help with the liver transplant.
Kiersten knew the Roskos for only a short time
Kiersten never knew that a few weeks of babysitting will result in such a strong bond between herself and the toddler. Despite the fact that she barely knew the Roskos, Kiersten proceeded to donate part of her liver to Talia.
How the super nanny met the Roskos
Kiersten's friend knew the Rosko family for a long time, "... she recommended me to them for a summer nanny position." Says Kiersten. The friend also told her that Talia had a dangerous disease of the liver which could take her life.
The disease
Talia was affected by biliary artesia, a rare disease of the liver and bile which affects only 200 kids a year. It causes the bile to become trapped inside the liver, damaging it overtime and eventually causing it to fail.
Talia's parents were very worried
Talia's parents, Farra, 40 an administrator at Princeton University and George Rosko, general manager at ACE Gymnastics were given the terrifying news that if her daughter didn't receive a liver transplant she would likely never live beyond 2 years old.
The reaction of the parents
"We went through limbo since we found out that she needed the transplant." Says Rosko. "Each day we're wondering, waiting." And then Kiersten, who knew them only for three weeks ended up donating a chunk of her liver, rescuing them from their misery.
"It's a small sacrifice."
That's what Kiersten said about her sacrifice. Alluding it to something which is small. But when you let the thought sink in that she donated a part of her body to a complete stranger, it completely boggles your mind.
More about the disease
The liver has ducts which allow the bile to drain inside the intestine to help with the digestion of food. Biliary artesia blocks these ducts which results in the buildup of bile in the liver causing irreparable damage.
The toddler was placed under the Kasai procedure
Talia underwent the dangerous Kasai procedure, a method which allows an alternative pathway for bile to drain out of the liver. Because Talia needed an exact match for a liver transplant, she was put on a waiting list. It could take a day, a month, a year - or never.
Faith in humanity restored
In a world riddled with poverty, wars and nonsensical political bickering, the common man can become filled with hopelessness about the future of humanity. But when we learn the stories of heroes like Kiersten, it restores our faith in humanity.
Kiersten has always been a good Samaritan
Kiersten tries to donate blood whenever she can, helping as many people with the same blood type as possible. So it stands to reason that when the situation demanded, she would not hesitate to donate part of her body.
Kiersten's parents were a little hesitant
Donating a part of your kidney isn't exactly child's play which is why Kiersten's parents were slightly worried that maybe their daughter was in the wrong. But when they saw Talia's condition and just how adorable the baby was, they gave consent to the brave young woman.
Talia was listed on UNOS
"We were never looking for an organ donor, especially one we didn't know very well." Claim the Roskos. In fact, Talia was listed in the hospital of Philadelphia with all her requirements to get a compatible liver from a deceased individual.
Talia is not out of the woods yet
Although Talia has received the liver transplantation she desperately needed, she's not in the clearing just yet. She has been placed inside a glass covering and is immunocompromised, which means she must be separated from all of her visitors for now.
The Roskos are relieved
Although the Roskos never pressured Kiersten throughout the appointment and process of the liver transplant - we wouldn't blame them if they did. Either way, they are eternally grateful to the kind nanny, "She has turned a hopeless situation into a hopeful one... without her we would be watching our baby deteriorate." Acknowledge the Roskos.


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