15 Embarrassing Photoshop Mistakes That Will Leave You Speechless

Ray Porter October 2nd 2017 Humor
Photoshop has provided millions of ordinary people with access to photo editing that was only available for professional studios only a few years. However, as a consequence of the widespread popularity of photoshop, an increasing amount of people have been trying to deceive those who happen to view their pictures via photo editing in order to make themselves or their products look better. Here are some of the worst/best examples!
Slim Shady
Here Photoshop was used an insane amount to completely change the people in the image. Unfortunately, this duo were no too careful as you can see that their surroundings are completely warped. Take for example the door, which is completely bent in the image on the right due to poor Photoshopping.
Movie Star Style
The airbrushing seen here is very similar to the kind that occurs in magazines and photoshoots and creates an unrealistic expectation of beauty. Because of this, ordinary people feel the need to airbrush photos of themselves out of fear that they won't compare to the beautiful people they see in the media.
Drastic Change
Here, the person in the photo or the person who has edited the photo has attempted to completely change their body type. The two images are completely different and create a false perception of reality that simply isn't true at all.
Photo Magic
Much like in some of the previous examples, this woman has airbrushed herself in the same way you'd expect to find in a magazine. Many of us feel embarrassed of our blemishes, and don't want them to be visible when we share photos of ourselves on social media.
Slightly Slimmer
Here, feeling self conscious about their weight has led this person to open up Photoshop or their preferred image editing software and attempt to make themselves look thinner than they are in the real world. People should feel proud of who they are!
This one is very similar to the last example. Here, another girl in costume has felt ashamed enough to think that she has to edit photos of herself instead of being who she really is or working on herself in the real world.
Light Editing
This one is a particular example that we might all be a little bit guilty of. Our phones have built in settings that let us play with filters and the brightness. It might be natural to find ourselves making the images as bright as possible to hide blemishes, without realizing it looks a little fake.
Photo Manipulation
This costumed woman has clearly felt a little bit bad or unhappy with how she looks in the photograph that she has taken. For whatever reason, she has decided to use tools in Photoshop like the liquify tool to edit her appearance and weight. You can tell because the background near her left elbow is warped.
False Standards
It is unclear if the person in the picture is the victim of false standards making her feel like she is not good enough to be herself in photographs, or if this woman is elevating the beauty standards by taking a already attractive body and manipulating to a point of impossibility. Either way, it is unnecessary.
Thin is Never Enough
This photo is pretty brutal. We can tell by the woman's hand that she has been thinned down, pretty poorly, in this photo. It is absurd because you can tell she isn't overweight at all, and is actually in good shape. The fact that they decided to thin her more, shows how gross the industry can be.
Object Removal
Here, the photo editor has attempted to remove the woman's handbag really, really poorly. They have left the strap, making it look like she is holding some kind of invisible handbag or something. Overall, this is a really poor attempt considering it is from an actual brand.
Me and My Girl
Here, terrible use of Photoshop is meant to give the illusion of this happy couple, when it is clear that is not really dating Selena Gomez... obviously. It's a pretty funny photo though, and a great example of poor image editing.
The Shadow Gives It Away
It is pretty weird to think of the fact that someone would want to photoshop a fake giant check into their arms, but you would think that they would take the time to at the very least do a good job. Here, they haven't even bothered considering the shadow, which is a dead giveaway that this guy is holding nothing. Additionally, the reflection from the car door shows that he is not holding a check.
I Can't Quite Put My Finger On It..
There is something off about this photo. It might take you a second or two to notice it, but once you do it is a pretty funny mistake. If you haven't figured out yet, this guy playing the guitar seems to have six fingers. Sure, this would be quite helpful for playing--but I don't think the people following this product's instructions will have more fingers than the regular amount.
Shark Attack
This photo is really embarrassing when you consider the fact that it went viral in the early 2000's. For some reason, many people thought this photo was real, even though it is a clear, and pretty bad, fake. Because of how popular it was, it even has its own Wikipedia page.


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