Here Are The Differences Between Living In America Vs. Europe

Not sure about America
Ian Anglin October 2nd 2017 Humor
There are many different ways to compare the US and Europe. Obviously, on some metrics, Europe is going to be better than the other and vice versa, but on the whole, I think we all know who is better, wink wing ;) No, I'm not going to flat our write it here without first doing a proper analysis! So, do scroll through this page with me and decide what's better, and what the differences are.
Learn the Difference
To start, the women. Although the US has its origin as a European colony, today both continents are vastly different in terms of population variety and diversity. While Europe is a more homogenous society, the US is now home to people from all over the world, which is something that makes the place much more fun for everyone.
Cheesy Food?
European cheese is mostly an artisan product - finely made and full of flavor. There are many different varieties of cheese available on the old content, be it made from cow, goat or sheep milk. If you're even over the pond, do try it out!
American Cheese
American cheese is mostly thin slices, packed in plastic. Build on an industrial scale and distributes on the cheap, in my opinion, it does not compare with the cheese from the old continent. I've tried both, so I should know.
Public Transport in America
America is known for its car culture, not buses and trains! When most people think of public transport in the US, they don't have a positive image of it. I'm sorry to say it, but it is true, I think on the next picture Europe is going to win.
European Transport
Since Europe has a very high-density population, it has a more developed public transport system. Europeans do not own cars in large numbers, and even those who do, do not drive them often due to problems with parking.
American Life Expectancy
The US is the home of fast food! What do you think this means? In my opinion, due to the high sugar, high carb and high-fat diet fast food and coke bring with them, the American population is rapidly going to be losing the battle in improving its life expectancy.
European Life Expectancy
The Europeans like the live their life in a slow, chill way. They like the have dinners that last for over three hours and have a glass of wine every day. Fast food is in most cultures frowned upon, and kids get free meals at schools.
American Sport
Color me jaded, but I think nothing beats a good NFL game. Plus, all the other teams I like are either baseball or hockey clubs, so I think America has this one down. The only downside is perhaps that the US Soccer league is not as developed as in Latin America or Europe.
European Soccer
Europe may not have as many different developed sporting divisions as the US, but the ones it does have are VERY developed. European soccer is a premier league sport, known all over the world, and worth in the BILLIONS.
European Chocolate
From the Swiss Alps to the Baltics, Europe has an old and varied chocolate culture. Almost every town has its own chocolate bakery that uses homemade recipes. Types include all chocolates, from full dark cocoa chocolate to vanilla/strawberry-laced cookies.
American Chocolate
The US is the home of the M&M's and other mass-produced chocolates. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as everyone has their own taste, but it is a large difference to how the industry works in the old continent.
US Measurement System
The US measurement system originated from Great Britain. This is an old system for which efforts to modernize were never made, which is why you'll notice the CRAZY amount of different measures for length, volume and weight.
European Measurements
The Standard Metric system used in Europe a relatively recent invention, created specifically to ease the use in the workplace and by regular people. Every type of measure has only variable, be it kilometers, liters or kilos.
Fuel Efficiency in the US
Everyone has heard of the American V8 engine. One of the first mass-produced, affordable high-power engines on the market. Sure, they were thirsty at the time (and still are in some vehicles), but driving is not set math - it is also about enjoyment and emotions.
Fuel Efficiency in Europe
Gas in Europe is much more expensive than gas in the States, so this has given birth to the small displacement, turbocharged European three and four-cylinder engine. Apart from Japanese engines, nothing comes close.


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