Pregnancy Symptoms: Early Signs That You Might Be Pregnant

Watch for these signs to catch your pregnancy early and start a happy healthy life for your little one.
Ray Porter October 2nd 2017 Lifestyle
Thousands of women go through pregnancy scares everyday, and it can be inhibitive to constantly have to take pregnancy tests to make sure you're not pregnant. Additionally, some women might not know they're pregnant and may go weeks before figuring it out. Luckily, our bodies have ways of letting us know when we are beginning our pregnancy journey. We've rounded up the different clues that might let you know that you're pregnant early on into the process.
Feeling Tired
Pregnancy is a highly demanding process to go through, and the rapid hormone changes involved mean that you may feel fatigued very early on in the pregnancy. You may feel tired very quickly, require more sleep or even feel like you generally don't have the energy to carry out most of your usual tasks.
Tender Gums
It is not uncommon for women to experience gum tenderness and even bleeding when brushing their teeth during a pregnancy. Assuming you have usually good gum health and do not have gingivitis, tender gums can be commonly attributed to pregnancy.
Feeling Bloated
One early sign of pregnancy is the experience or feeling of what might be attributed to feeling 'bloated'--as if you've recently consumed a large meal or too much food. This can happen relatively early into the pregnancy and should be taken a sign if accompanied by other symptoms on this list.
Tender Breasts
One of the quickest ways our body lets us know that we are in the process of pregnancy is through the hormones that are released throughout our body's ecosystem. The release of these hormones cause breasts to become tender, painful, and/or enlarged.
Morning Sickness
Men and women alike know the horrors of morning sickness. We've seen morning sickness experienced by characters throughout seemingly every TV and movie. We've also seen people discuss it on talk shows, and our loved ones go through it. The name of morning sickness is a bit misleading though, it can actually occur anytime in the day.
Feeling Like Your Breathing is Restricted
This is often a very serious symptom, but in this context we are talking about a mild version where your breath is just slightly harder to catch. Usual physical activities can take your breath away much more easily when you are pregnant.
Gas can be a sign of pregnancy and is often the reason for a lot of people believing that they are pregnant and deciding to take a pregnancy test. The early period of a pregnancy makes the woman have gas due to the body's hormones changing.
When a woman is pregnant, cramps can occur in the same way that a woman might experience them during her period. It might feel like you're having multiple periods or are expecting to have one, due to the uterus beginning to expand.
Spotting might be mistaken by pregnant women for a strange or unusual period. It is much milder than a period and in the case of pregnancy, occurs because of the egg being fertilized and interacting with the wall of your uterus.
Needing to Pee More Often
When you're pregnant, even at the beginning stages of the pregnancy, havoc is wreaked on your bladder. You might finding yourself need to pee much more frequently than you're used to and may suddenly need to use the bathroom with great urgency.
Another bathroom related symptom, pregnant women might find themselves constipated or having difficulty processing regular bowel movements due to the changes that occur throughout the woman's body. Constipation can be a factor of pregnancy and might clue you in that you're pregnant before you've taken any test.
Pregnancy Cravings
Due to hormone release and increased nutritional requirements, women who are pregnant may feel a need or intense 'craving' to consume certain foods. These foods can be obscure and ridiculous, and things you might not ever ordinarily eat or think to eat.
Mood Swings
The sheer amount of hormones that are released when a woman is pregnant can be overwhelming and cause the woman's emotional cycle to be all over the place. You might feel absolutely terrible one second, and over elated or angry another. Generally, mood swings leave you feeling unlike yourself and vulnerable to opinions that change rapidly.
Feeling Dizzy
Pregnancy is also associated with increased feelings of dizziness. You might find yourself stumbling around or feeling the room is spinning. With this dizziness, nausea is often an expected result and comes hand in hand as a part of the pregnant experience.
Increase in Body Temperature
A rise in your usual body temperature and a feeling of general warmness is another sign of pregnancy, even early on, and is the last entry in our life. If you're experiencing a consistently high body temperature it could be a clue that you're pregnant--although it is important to make sure this is not at a dangerous level by going to a doctor if you have a fever.


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