15 Warning Signs Your Tongue Can Reveal About Your Health

This is sort of creepy!
Ian Anglin October 2nd 2017 Science
Few people know that the tongue is not only used for talking, eating or kissing - it is in fact an organ in its own right, and has all the telltale signs like all the other organs in our body. When we do not watch our health correctly, it shows all throughout us. What follows is a list of 15 symptoms that can be read from this vital organ. Do not take these warnings signs lightly.
Red as a Strawberry
A tongue colored like a strawberry indicates a severe vitamin deficiency. You should probably try to improve your diet, and keep a proper carbs to protein and fat ratio for your food intake. Also, try not to eat monotonously, and vary your food more.
A Black or Brown Tongue Is An Easy One to Fix
Good news! A black or brown tongue is one of the easiest to fix in this list, and if this is your only malady, I congratulate you. This one is caused by poor oral hygiene... so, um, step up on the tooth brushing and flossing!
Cottage Cheese White Tongue Could Mean a Yeast Infection
Although more serious than the others, a yeast infection can be treated safely with an antibiotic. Although if I were you, I would try to improve my immune system, as a yeast infection is usually a sign of poor functioning immunity to bacteria and viruses. Not to take lightly.
Read This If You've Felt Burning Sensations
This one is for the older ladies in the crowd - a burning sensation in the area around the tongue is in most cases a sign of impending menopause. Nothing can be done to correct this of course - it is a natural sign of aging, but it's good to know.
Small cracks all over your tongue
This one is one of the most common symptoms I see in people. No, this was not intentional, I do not actually like seeing other people's tongues, but - it happens. Anyway, fissures and cracks are a sign of aging. If you are not pushing 50 and you tongue looks like a back road in Detroit, you would want to have a talk with your doctor, or lay off the alcohol and cigarettes.
Mouth sores... the painful kind
I know I just said in the previous slide that cracks are very common, but I'm afraid so are mouth sores, and at least a good 25% of you reading this will develop mouth sores at some point your lives. The story they tell? You are having too much stress, and need to remedy this ASAP.
The Key to Longevity
As you are reading these slides, you have gone a step ahead of most other people in taking care of your health and longevity. This is the key to happiness - so keep up the good work. The next step is to take the advice listed here and on other pages and stick to it. A daily routine of proper hygiene is the foundation of everyone's health.
A Bumpy Tongue
Although it looks and sounds weird, a bumpy tongue is not a serious issue. Most people have no health problems because of it, and a small percentage could have it because of an underlying allergy.
Red Lesions Could Be Cancer
If these red lesions are persistent and keep coming back on the surface of your tongue, they can be a sign of a type of oral cancer that is very dangerous and could spread through your body - do see a doctor immediately if see this.
What Do Small Patches of White Mean?
These small white patches on your tongue are usually a sign of irritation or in a smaller percentage of people a sign of the flu/having a cold. Nothing to worry about, they usually come and go within the time span of a few days.
Swollen Tongue from an Overactive Thyroid
If your tongue gets unusually swollen, and stays this way, it could be a sign of an overactive thyroid. Coupled with problems gaining weight and this would be a sure sign of thyroid problems. Not getting fat does sound like a superpower, but when it is caused by an overactive thyroid, it is no laughing matter and can even shorten a person's lifespan.
Geographic Tongue Signals Leukemia
A geographic map type of swelling on the surface of the tongue could indicate leukemia, a rare type of cancer of the red blood cells. Red blood cells, also called erythrocytes are one of the most common types of blood cells in the body, and are used in the delivery of oxygen to the body tissues.
An Incoming Step Throat
I know we all hate having a cold and all its "glorious" accompanying symptoms, but a white tongue is one the sure surefire signs that you'll be having a step throat soon - sorry to be the bringer of bad news! Make yourself a hot tea, get a book and take a day out - nothing better to do when fighting a cold.
Signs of Diabetes
A red swollen tongue with "popping" red blood vessels around it could be a sign of diabetes or pre-diabetes. Maybe it is time to lay down the sugar and coke? The high-fructose corn syrup found in coke is one of the leading causes of diabetes.
Don't Do Tongue Piercings
There are several different types of disease and complications that can arise from tongue piercings. One of those complications is called "suicide disease" - suffice to say, you might not want to read more about that one. Plus, it doesn't even look good anymore in 2017.


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