15 Hidden Signs That Depict You're A Genius

#8 is a big indicator!
Ian Anglin December 12th 2017 Inspiration
There are many different routes a person can take to determine his intelligence level. Some people take an IQ test (note that online tests are not reliable), while others can try to learn certain tips and tricks that can help determine their IQ and EQ (emotional intelligence) levels. This article is going to list 15 different indicators of generousness - some of these indicators are doodling in your spare time, having a small circle of close friends, taking your time so that you can do things perfectly.
Doodling In Your Spare Time
A lot of people may regard doodling as a waste of time, but according to several studies, people that decide to stay busy with drawing instead of watching TV or mindlessly browsing the Internet, tend to be smarter and have a higher IQ than the rest of the population.
Having Less Close Friends
This fact might not surprise you - smarter people tend to have less close friends because that allows them to better choose the type of friends they have, and to form closer and higher-trust based friendships. So, if you are lonely - don't worry = at least you are smart.
Taking Your Time
If people are annoyed by you taking your time or being otherwise slow, that could be a good sign. According to a recent study, people who take their time to do things properly and fastidiously, are on average smarter and with a higher IQ.
Getting Stuck in Problems
This one is slightly counterintuitive. It seems that because smart people are usually perfectionists, they tend to get stuck in problems, which can make them feel busy without actually accomplishing anything. If a smart person can learn to overcome their perfectionism, they can achieve even greater things in life.
Talking to Yourself
Here is another weird fact - smarter people tend to be pretty good (and they also do this often) at talking to themselves. No one knows exactly why this is happening, but self-talk seems to have a large correlation with a higher intelligence level.
Being Unorganized
This one seems to be a bit more hit-or-miss, as some smart and creative people tend to benefit from a messy, unorganized environment, while others (especially those with OCD) need to get their workplace properly organized in order to better function.
Looking for Shortcuts
Looking for shortcuts, or otherwise trying to be more efficient at what you do is a sign of mental brilliance. There is nothing bad about trying to save time or money, as that is a strategy that is going to pay-off very well in your life.
Smart people tend to have what is called "selective aloofness," or indifference. Learning not to waste time and emotions with negative people (or people that are trying to drag you down) is a trait that all smart and high functioning people tend to have.
Learning to Delegate
There is saying that you should "work smart, not hard." That seems to be true, as smart people are always looking to increase their efficiency - and there is no better way to increase the amount of work you do per hour than delegating repetitive tasks to others.
Having Frequent Naps
It seems that the brains of smart people are always working overtime, which is why some smart people tend to not get enough sleep during the night. The best way to remedy this problem is to take short but frequent naps during the week.
Half-Moons on Your Fingernails
The presence of visible and large half-moons on your fingernails is a sign of mental and physical fitness and wellbeing. An absence of visible half-moons might not a bad sign, but it could theoretically indicate potential health problems in your future.
Having Brown Eyes
It seems that a recent study has shown that people with brown and green eyes are on average smarter than people that have different colored eyes. The study is not fully concluded, meaning the correlation could be proven false in the future.
Having OCD and ADHD
It seems that having these mental illnesses is a sign of having a higher intelligence. There are a lot of brilliant people that have suffered from this - Nikola Tesla, for example, was scared to death of human hair, while Da Vinci was a world-class procrastinator.
Having Weird Solutions to Problems
Being creative, smart, and high energy has its pros and cons. One such thing is coming up with weird and unconventional solutions to everyday problems. Some people might find your solutions crazy, but that's just because they can't understand your brilliant side.
Not Caring What Other People Think
Not caring what other people think of you is a sign of intelligence and high confidence. Smart people realize that they cannot control other people's opinion about themselves, so the only way forward is to be who they really are.


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